Developmental Retardation in Infants

Developmental Retardation in Infants

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What is developmental delay?

Intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR), mostly delivery
weight of the baby during pregnancy is at least 10%
It is not. This means that the baby's weight is less than 2500 grams. pregnancies
approximately 3 to 7% of this situation is encountered. Developmental decline
baby, the development and weight gain should be in the mother's womb at the required rate
Not realized. As a result, the baby's life and development seriously risk
will be entered under.

* How many kinds of development
retardation is seen?

Symmetrical growth retardation: Baby being evaluated on ultrasound
height measurements are slightly behind the baby's week. Pregnancy
In the early period, these developmental retardations are more pronounced. This development
chromosomal abnormalities on the basis of retardation, infection during pregnancy
diseases, anatomical problems, feeding problems in the mother
The habit of smoking is effective.

Asymmetric growth retardation: This type of developmental delay,
later than the symmetrical growth retardation. Most encountered
This is the type of growth retardation. The size of the baby's abdominal circumference, legs and head
asymmetrical growth retardation.
The cause of asymmetric growth retardation is that the blood flow from the mother to the baby
It is decreased. Development of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure

* Development in the baby
How is it diagnosed at birth?

If the baby is born lighter than 2500 grams at birth,
retardation. But this is considered a definite determination
can not. Genetically, babies can be born in a petite structure. With baby
definitive diagnosis can be made after the relevant examination.

* Development of the baby
What are the reasons for having retardation?

Approximately 75% of infants' developmental delays are experienced.
structural growth retardation. Other development
retardation caused by decreased blood flow and symmetrical growth retardation.
causes. Developmental disability from mother, baby or

Developmental disabilities
What are the factors caused by the mother?

- Smoking habit

-Poor feeding

-More spiritual
or engage in physical activity

diseases starting with or after pregnancy

- Structured mother
candidate is petite and does not gain enough weight

Causes of the baby

Infections cause the developmental delay of the baby.

Chromosome and heart diseases.

Use of alcohol, cigarettes and harmful chemicals.


What causes placenta?

Placenta helps to transfer nutrients from the mother's side to the baby
It acts as. It also regulates the passage of blood from the mother. This
If there are any problems in the structure, too much development in the baby
retardation may occur.

Diagnosis of developmental delay
How to put?

In order to be able to make a definite diagnosis of the developmental
It should be known in which week of pregnancy. Therefore
ultrasound examinations during the first months of pregnancy are very important. The expectant mother
If there is developmental delay in the baby in the previous pregnancy, the mother
diseases are evaluated. In the ultrasound examination, sne
such growth retardation. Then the baby's organs and
measurements are taken under ultrasound evaluation. However, color doppler
It applied. Necessary treatments are determined as a result of the evaluations.

How is the treatment performed?

If the baby is diagnosed with developmental delay, more follow-up of the mother
must. Ultrasound during pregnancy, color doppler and NST, biophysical profile
tests show that the baby's life is at risk,
Is performed. Infants with developmental delay are born with normal birth
Although they can come, cesarean section is more than normal pregnancy
It takes place.

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