Chest Pain During Pregnancy

Chest Pain During Pregnancy

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First sign of pregnancy
as the breasts are noticeable. During pregnancy your breasts grow and
most common signs of pregnancy.
this is one. Sensitivity in the breasts during the 4th and 7th weeks of pregnancy
to the maximum level and by 38 weeks
may occur. The change in breasts continues throughout the entire pregnancy
and will continue until the baby's first food arrives.

This unique relationship,
it is directly related to the mother's hormones. The hormones mentioned estrogen andprogesterone It is binary.
During pregnancy, fat and blood are stored in the breasts. This change
As a result, your breasts become a milk machine.

Estrogen and progesterone
hormones in breasts of pregnant women due to increased release during pregnancy.
cause changes. Especially in the first weeks of pregnancy…

Chest pain
What can be done to get rid of it?

Support your chest pain
can reduce a bra. Also wearing bras to reduce pains at night
You can sleep.

Your nipples during pregnancy
can grow more than usual. This may cause you discomfort but the baby's breast
end is very useful in terms of holding. Your aerol during pregnancy, ie
the dark area around the nipple
As you progress that area will grow. Spotted area around the breasts
It will increase and grow through the process of storing fat in the breasts-blood.

Mother candidates are most curious about this topic, breasts
is the increase of vascularization. A visible blue vessel during this period
density is encountered. Don't be afraid, the blue veins are nutrients for your baby and
It is the change that makes it easier to carry liquids.
Let's give the good news immediately; Your breasts will continue to grow and pregnancy
then your breasts will have a more beautiful appearance than before.

Your spouse with your situation
Be sure to inform. Your partner being more sensitive during a relationship
Warnings for. To prevent tension in your breasts
Take a bra that is suitable for pregnancy. Pain in your breasts during sleep
If you are uncomfortable quality cotton sports bras will be suitable for sizing. Flexible
With bras, your breasts will be more comfortable. More with the right bra selections
allows you to spend a painless pregnancy process. Because of these changes
If your pain does not go away with a bra change, please consult your specialist.

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