How to travel during pregnancy?

How to travel during pregnancy?

The children of the family's most beautiful fruit
bringing and raising the world requires great effort. Mother's child 9 months
it is not an easy matter to carry in the womb. Pregnancy As the mother considers her own health in the process
should also consider health.

Baby When up to 3 months mother
the growth of the abdomen becomes visible and the mother's movements are restricted. Pregnancy in stage mother, sleep, nutrition and life
should try to avoid stress. Pregnancy families require a long process travel they may need to. This
the situation may be the subject of discussion between spouses.

But it should be remembered that morale and psychological
need a pregnant woman to travel and take a vacation
has. Travel willing
there are rules that families should pay attention to.

Mother candidate after 7 months long travel
comfortable, breathable slim dresses and heelless shoes during the holidays.
wear, take plenty of fluids, oily, salty and not eat excessive sugary foods,
Do not go to places with extreme heat and high altitude recommended by doctors
It is.

Families with them during the journey
light and nutritious meals, fruit juices and water availability, by car
If you are traveling, you should take a break every hour,
support the neck with a soft pillow, security The seat belt is fastened to make the journey easier

The mother's tummy while wearing a seat belt
under the growing abdomen, not just above it, sudden stop or
It prevents the seat belt from trauma to the abdomen in the event of impact. You plane
not to travel for more than 4 hours,
wing section of the plane and the corridor
It will be.

Train journeys security the most convenient journey in terms of comfort and convenience,
and economically feasible baby and mother's more comfortable journey
will do it. Security
The most appropriate type of journey should be selected in terms of mother and baby
sacrifices should be made.

Risk of miscarriage, bleeding and pain
the journey of pregnant women baby
and risky for the mother. In such a case, the pregnancy travel
it may terminate. Consult your mother's doctor before traveling