Abdominal and groin pain during pregnancy causes?

Abdominal and groin pain during pregnancy causes?

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Every stage of pregnancy
abdominal and groin pain from time to time for a number of reasons
viable. There may be more than one cause of pain. Some of these reasons
it is insignificant and does not require treatment, but some require treatment.

Notice the delay of menstruation
expectant mother
complains of slight discomfort in the abdomen and groin.

In the abdomen
complaints such as erection and contraction felt, the last pregnancy
much more felt in the summer. In addition to these pain, groin pain may also be felt.

3. and 4.
A hard pain may be felt as the knife is stuck in the groin area during the summer months.
To move, to stand up suddenly, this pain
Exacerbate. The cause of the pain felt, with the growth of the uterus
and the ligaments and ligaments around the uterus. Rahm
round ligament pain associated with growth
on the side. However, this pain can be felt on both sides.

Constipation, bloating and
gas can also cause abdominal discomfort and pain problems.
During the last period of pregnancy, Braxton-Hicks

The frequency of pain is very
less is not a danger. However, too many repetitions during the day
precursor of premature birth. Therefore, in the abdomen too much during the day
If hardening occurs, you should immediately consult a doctor. Felt contractions
spotting, bleeding, water, nausea,
vomiting, dizziness, headache, darkening of the eye, diarrhea, burning while urinating,
In case of complaints such as fever, the doctor immediately
heralds the need to apply.

Medical examination
contractions during pregnancy, whether a real preterm contraction or
pseudo birth pains.


that we encounter, which can be encountered in every non-dangerous pregnancy and irregular
contractions. Therefore, no treatment is required. If contractions
premature birth risk.
shape can be determined.

Felt during pregnancy
groin and abdominal pain may also be a cause not associated with pregnancy. e.g
appendicitis, gallbladder inflammation (cholecystitis), diverticulitis, gastric ulcer such as
many causes can cause abdominal pain. Therefore, abdominal pain in pregnancy
The cause should be investigated very carefully.

Apply Time

Any type of vaginal bleeding during any period of pregnancy
If you encounter this problem, you should consult a doctor immediately.

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