Fever in pregnancy

Fever in pregnancy

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Body temperature should be 37 degrees during pregnancy. Elevated fever is one of the symptoms that can be seen in pregnancy as well. Above 38.3 degrees is defined as “high fever.. So how to take precautions against high fever, how high fever passes? Influenza, urinary tract infections, non-influenza upper respiratory tract infections can cause fever. In addition, hot water, sauna and hammam in places such as the fire can raise. High fever may occur in pregnancy due to illnesses other than flu and the like. In some cases, even if high fever alone does not harm the baby or the mother, the risk of fever is at risk of being harmful. What is important here is to ensure the health of the mother and the baby by detecting and eliminating the condition causing high fever. For example, the mother who develops rubella also has high fever. Since rubella can cause serious harm to the unborn baby, diagnosis and treatment should be made as soon as possible and complete abolition of the risk of miscarriage should be ensured. High fever in pregnancy can also cause nervous system anomalies. High fever, especially in the first six weeks, may cause an opening in the baby's back and cause brain development. Some researches have shown that high fever during pregnancy also causes heart anomalies. To avoid this, you should avoid extreme hot and cold environments and pay extra attention to your diet during pregnancy. In spite of all this, your immune system is weakened during pregnancy, so you are more likely to get the flu than someone who is not pregnant. The flu season usually ranges from November to April. Experts in these periods, especially in the second or third trimester of pregnancy pregnant women are advised to get the flu vaccine. With this method, you can take measures against high fever caused by the flu and flu. In this way, you can apply the right treatment that guarantees the health of you and your baby.

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