Asthma during pregnancy

Asthma during pregnancy

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Asthma is a respiratory disease that causes the respiratory tract to become extremely susceptible as a result of persistent inflammation and to shrink from time to time by some factors. According to research, the most common lung disease during pregnancy is asthma and allergic problems. An average of 4% of pregnant women have asthma problems during pregnancy. As long as asthma is not very severe, women with asthma do not face any risk during pregnancy, just like other women. asthma and allergy related problems increase in about one third of pregnant women, problems do not change in one third, asthma is observed to improve in one third. Uncontrolled asthma can have serious consequences during pregnancy. Vomiting, nausea, preterm birth, underweight or younger babies, high blood pressure and bleeding may be more common in asthmatic pregnancies compared to other normal pregnancies. Therefore, asthma treatment is very important in pregnancy so that the baby can get enough oxygen to grow and develop. Necessary allergy tests should be performed before pregnancy in the mother who has asthma and allergic problems. As a result, allergens to which the patient is susceptible are injected at increasing doses to desensitize the allergens. This is called immunotherapy. Thus, acute asthma attacks during pregnancy can be prevented. Acute asthma may present as progressive shortness of breath, cough, wheezing, or pressure in the chest. It is important to do this before pregnancy to avoid damaging the fetus. It is very important that asthma patients communicate with the obstetrician as well as the chest physician about pregnancy and asthma. When the patient becomes pregnant, she should not stop asthma medications without consulting a doctor or increase or decrease her dose. Most asthma medications are safe to use during pregnancy, and uncontrolled asthma harm to the baby is much more than the harm to the baby. Care must also be taken against pets. An asthmatic candidate should definitely not smoke during pregnancy and should not be in smoking environments. Otherwise, serious complications may occur.

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