Why is Vitamin B1 Important for Infants?

Why is Vitamin B1 Important for Infants?

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There are some foods that should be taken during pregnancy. Folic acid is the most important of these. Experts say that folic acid should be taken before pregnancy. Because folic acid allows cell proliferation, complete DNA building blocks and regulates the development of the baby in the womb. Folic acid is important especially for the baby's bone marrow to work. Since folic acid is a water soluble mineral from the B group vitamins, vitamin B intake is very important in the development of the baby. Vitamin B1 has a carbohydrate degrading property. Therefore, it provides the necessary energy to the baby. In addition, this vitamin is very important for the baby's nervous system to be healthy. Group B vitamins are also important for brain development. The need for this vitamin is increasing for lactating and pregnant women. Deficiency of this vitamin can lead to forgetfulness, loss of appetite, constipation and depressive conditions. Foods that contain this vitamin are as follows; milk and dairy products, meat, fish, unrefined grains, vegetables. It is recommended that the baby consume pulp foods such as bulgur to take vitamin B1. In this way, both the vitamin B1 and the digestive system will be regulated as well. Since it is not stored in the body, it must be taken from outside on a daily basis. Ruboflavin is used in vitamin, iron and vitamin B6 intake. Taking during pregnancy is important for the development of the baby. Deficiency may cause disorders such as redness of the tongue, developmental delay in children, weight loss, anemia and migraine. Although fish oil is generally given to older children, it can be given as an additional food for low-weight babies. Vitamin properties are important for those receiving IVF treatment. Since this vitamin has an important effect on DNA production, it can negatively affect the DNA and RNA production stage in its deficiency. These vitamins, which are mostly activated by sunlight, may need to be taken with additional food in young children. It is recommended that they be given in the form of additional food as they cannot be exposed to the sun and grow rapidly. Deficiency can cause bone curvature and short stature.

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