Working During Pregnancy

Working During Pregnancy

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When pregnancy says hello to you, it will surprise you many times until the birth. If you say you are a working mother, you must first accept that pregnancy is not a disease but a special condition. You have the right to many working pregnant women guaranteed by law in our country, and you can use them naturally when necessary. If you do not have a condition that will force you during pregnancy, you can work with your baby without worrying about my permission, insured employee rights, and you can continue your life. However, you can also use it provided that you have used the rest of the last three weeks. You can go to a doctor when your check-up time comes or you can use it if you have an examination at your workplace. If there is no abuse at this time, you can get permission if you need rest or treatment. Once you have gone on leave, you can get paid and additional free leave for your breastfeeding period so that it increases and decreases with the account of your company and annual leave. In this process, according to your employment contract, your SSI premium payment is continued and your health insurance is provided. However, it is imperative that you use your rights as much as it is necessary because the expectant mother cannot legally say that I will work in the workplace until the end of the birth. It is compulsory to go on leave without passing at least 3 weeks after birth. However, it is of course also important to bring a report on when the birth will take place and inform the institution. Mothers who return to work after births may use three hours of daily milk leave for the first six months and one and a half hour daily leave in the next six months.

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