What is a Baby Friendly Hospital?

What is a Baby Friendly Hospital?

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The number of Baby Friendly Hospitals is increasing day by day. Today, the worldwide number of hospitals with more than 16,000 Dissemination in Turkey "breastfeeding" visibly emphasize the importance of the subject.

Baby friendly hospital concept

Breastfeeding and Baby Friendly Hospitals Program was initiated in 1991 in hospitals providing labor and child services in order to encourage breastmilk to raise the awareness of mothers about breastfeeding and to provide them with proper breastfeeding habits. The aim of this program was determined to ensure that breastfeeding becomes successful and permanent. Baby Friendly Hospitals started to serve in accordance with the specified program, providing information about breast milk and breastfeeding, immediately after birth, the necessary training of mothers through the health care mothers' babies to help them breastfeed well. In this way, the emotional rapprochement between the baby and the mother is realized in the most correct way.

Essential criteria

Together with breastfeeding in the baby-friendly hospitals, the best environmental opportunities for the mother and the baby are given priority. Apart from providing environmental facilities and the most accurate conditions, these hospitals must fulfill many essential criteria. In particular, the following 10 criteria are strictly observed in all Baby Friendly Hospitals.1. All health personnel should be aware of these written breastfeeding principles. All health personnel should be trained regularly in accordance with these principles. Pregnant women should be informed about the benefits of breastfeeding and the management of breastfeeding. Mothers should be started to breastfeed within the first half hour after birth.5. Mothers should be informed about breastfeeding methods and given the correct information.6. Unless medically necessary, newborns should not be given food other than breast milk.7. The mother and baby should be allowed to stay in the same room for 24 hours.8. The baby should be encouraged to breastfeed at every request.9. Artificial pacifiers and other suction materials should not be given to the breastfed baby. Breastfeeding support should be continued for mothers who are discharged from the hospital.

Why are Baby Friendly Hospitals important?

Baby-friendly hospitals have a high level of emphasis on emotional attachment between the mother and the baby, and especially on breastfeeding, compared to non-baby-friendly hospitals. Another feature of baby-friendly hospitals is to ensure the continuity of breastfeeding habits in mothers after hospital discharge. Home visits are made by the personnel who are informed about this subject and information is given when, how and under what conditions the baby is breastfed. In addition, psychological and physical health of the mother and the baby are taken into consideration in this process.<>

Best choice for premature babies

Premature babies need to be fed and controlled more carefully than other babies. Fatty acids in breast milk contribute to brain and eye development of premature babies and strengthen immune systems. For this reason, conscious methods applied in Baby Friendly Hospitals benefit babies who are born prematurely.

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