Allergy problems during pregnancy

Allergy problems during pregnancy

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The healthy birth of the baby depends on the health of the expectant mother. This is why pregnant women should pay more attention to their health than anyone else. Especially those with chronic diseases such as asthma and allergies should pay more attention. We also about it Head of Gynecology and Obstetrics Department of Ac─▒badem Hospital Dr. Contact Umur directly We spoke with.

: Are allergy problems common during pregnancy?
Professor Dr. Contact Umur directly It is stated that the most common lung disease during pregnancy is asthma and allergic problems. According to research results, asthma and allergy related problems increase in about one third of pregnant women, they do not change in one third, and they recover in one third. For this reason, the tests to be done before getting pregnant are of great importance for mother and child health.

: Is it necessary to take precautions about allergy before pregnancy?
Professor Dr. Contact Umur directly Women with asthma and allergic problems are required to undergo allergy tests before pregnancy. Thus, desensitization against allergens to which the patient is sensitive can be prevented against crises that may occur during pregnancy. This can also be done during pregnancy. However, if an excessive reaction occurs, it may also harm the baby. For this reason, it is useful to make it before pregnancy and to keep records about it well.

: Is it inconvenient for mothers with these diseases to use drugs during pregnancy?
Professor Dr. Contact Umur directly It is not recommended to use any unconfirmed drug during pregnancy. Aerosol forms of beta-mimetics and steroids are most commonly used during pregnancy in terms of asthma and allergies. Beta mimetics may cause irregular functioning of the mother's heart. Steroids can cause oral thrush in the mother. Neither group of drugs has been shown to cause significant abnormalities in the baby. Steroids were found to cause cleft palate in the fetus in animal experiments. However, it is not a problem in human fetuses. Other asthma medications to be used in pregnancy are anticholinergics and tefilin.

: Is there a risk of allergic diseases from mother to baby?
Professor Dr. Contact Umur directly As in many diseases, hereditary factor is known to play a role in asthma and allergy. Pregnant women with asthma and allergy suffer the same diseases as their children. There is nothing to prevent yet during pregnancy. However, if a parent's history of allergy is known and the amount of IgE in the umbilical cord is detected, measures can be taken against external allergic agents.

: What are the precautions that pregnant women should take?
Professor Dr. Contact Umur directly Smoking, which is known to be one of the causes of many diseases, does not cause the unborn baby to suffer from allergies because it is not a genetic feature. However, intense cigarette smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage. There are many measures that pregnant women can take both for themselves and their children. There should be no dust and mold in the house, especially in the children's room. Furry animal, airborne parasites can also cause allergic effects. Carpet, wool and leather clothes, air conditioning can prepare for allergies. In addition, as it adversely affects respiration, smoking should not be carried out at home and precautions should be taken against virus diseases.

: What should be considered after birth?
Professor Dr. Contact Umur directly It is appropriate for mothers to stay away from allergen nutrients determined by their own experience or sensitivity tests. After the baby is born, the allergic mother should not be fed with major allergens such as eggs, milk and peanuts during breastfeeding. Solid foods should be given to the baby at the earliest 6 months.

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