Hipp 1-3 years old snack products

Hipp 1-3 years old snack products

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1-3 years is an important period in the development of children's concentration, coordination and motor skills. During this period, cognitive and physical abilities develop rapidly. Taking into account the sensitivities of children in this period, it is necessary to follow a diet in that direction. is very important in the development and development. But your child will not always eat what you have to offer… Chips, pizzas, burgers, chocolates and other snacks for your child are really popular, but you know it's far from healthy eating. Unbalanced or too much fat and sugary diets do not provide the necessary nutrients for children, but have negative effects on their metabolism and development.

That is why HİPP is aware that quality nutrition of children in the 1-3 age group is very important in terms of supporting the immune systems in addition to the 0-1 age group which is emphasized in the nutrition of infants and young children. Therefore, it supports the nutrition of young children in this age group with its Organic products suitable for after 1 year old and it is the biggest help of the parents with the practicality and easy transportability of the products.

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