Pilates time for expectant mothers

Pilates time for expectant mothers

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Pilates during pregnancy has many physical and mental benefits. However, in order to benefit from pilates in a positive way, it must be done with the help of an expert. Pilates comes to mind when it comes to tightening exercises. However, pilates is used not only for tightening exercises, but also for clinical discomfort, joint pain, chronic low back, neck and back pain. Physiotherapist Ipek Temel from Yeditepe University HospitalGiving information about the subject, it is aimed to be applied in pregnancy and to minimize some musculoskeletal problems that occur with the pregnancy process.


It is important to get permission from the doctor

Pilates, especially during pregnancy, is very important to be done under the supervision of trained experts. On the other hand, it is not recommended for pregnant women to do pilates without getting permission from their doctors and without knowing the status of pregnancy.

Provides relaxation

Pilates applied during pregnancy has many benefits. First of all, the increased endorphin hormone in the body provides physical and psychological relief and helps the expectant mother feel strong. It reduces back and back pain caused by pregnancy by strengthening these areas. Thanks to Pilates, the most common complaints of mothers are the edema and swelling in the arms and legs.

Strengthens muscles

Pilates strengthens the abdominal muscles of pregnant women and improves balance-concentration control. Thus, the mother can concentrate better on normal birth. Thanks to the breathing exercise, the emotional fluctuations experienced by the expectant mother during pregnancy decreases. On the other hand, it enables the expectant mothers to come together with other expectant mothers and ensures that the process continues in a more fun way. With the exercise, the mother expects to fall asleep more quickly and spend the day fit and motivated.

Also useful after birth

Pilates benefits not only during pregnancy but also after childbirth. It accelerates the normalization of the body and abdomen after birth. Minimizes urinary incontinence problems during pregnancy and after. It provides strengthening of the chest, back and abdominal muscles, which are weakened by postural changes.

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