Babies suffering from insomnia

Babies suffering from insomnia

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He does not sleep at night, does not wake up during the day! These are the sentences that each parent expresses to explain the sleep patterns of their children. From the infancy, the most common subject of the parents is the sleep problems, in fact, parents who play a role in the formation of these problems without realizing it, and clues to deal with these problems Hospital Derindere Child Health and Diseases Specialist We talked with Mehmet Akdeniz.He may be too young to learn the meaning of sleep!Few babies sleep all night. Especially during the first two months, newborns sleep randomly for 12-18 hours per day. If they sleep at night, they will find their 1 year old. So as parents, give them some time to learn what sleep means.Help him go to sleep. Don't be a direct sleeper!If you put your baby to sleep every night and then wait for him to fall asleep alone, unfortunately this dream can be met. You can try to get a sleep companion to help him pass to sleep instead of you asleep. Otherwise, when it wakes up in the middle of the night, it will continue to wake you up to go to sleep and ask for help.Overly tired child can not sleep comfortably accept itInfants and preschoolers need 11 to 14 hours of sleep every 24 hours, including day and night sleep. Set your child's bedtime, waking up, napping, eating and playing times for regular sleep.Children with separation anxiety may also experience sleep problemsIt is normal for your child to go through this phase. Don't encourage too much to talk, sing, sway or overfeed. After about 6 months, you can help a baby sleep on its own. Speak in a soft voice, so that the patient can pee on his back and relax him; but don't try to reward it by taking it on your lap. If you have a baby who is afraid of darkness, you can benefit from the night light that provides a light and dim environment.Create a routine that will let you know when your sleep time is comingDoing the same thing every night before bedtime helps your child understand when it's time to sleep. Create a routine like taking a bath to relax and unwind, read the story, and then help put the lights out and go to sleep. Follow the same routine every night and end it in your child's room. Starting such an arrangement after 4 months will help you get positive results.Don't be fooled by the sleep-escape tricks!Some children may want you to read another story to spend more time, toilets, to thirst. Instead of lifting her from her bed to meet her needs, go to her needs and remind her that it is time to sleep.Sleep brings sleep, remember!Young children who do not sleep well during the day may have problems sleeping at night. Most babies need two or three sleeps a day. If your child is cranky and sleepy, try to calm him down as much as possible before going to bed.Respiratory problems reduce sleep qualitySome children cannot get enough air and go to sleep due to sleep apnea, allergies, colds, asthma, enlarged tonsils and nasal flesh. Children with sleep apnea often snore loudly, have difficulty breathing, and have a restless sleep. In infants, colic, acid reflux, ear pain, or teething pain may also be preventing sleep. Ask your pediatrician about this.Be with him if he has scary dreamsChildren sometimes have bad dreams. This is normal and most bad dreams are harmless. Soothe your child after bad dreams soothe and make sure he goes to sleep.Get him to sleep!Sometimes having a special object near it can help a child fall asleep. Toy animals are a good alternative for this.Create a suitable environment for a good sleep.For a good night's sleep, organize your child's room to be quiet at night, not too hot or too cold, and quiet. In the room where your child sleeps, ensure that electronic equipment such as television and computer are turned off during sleep time.

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