How can children gain the habit of brushing teeth?

How can children gain the habit of brushing teeth?

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Most children don't want to brush their teeth or force-brush them. The most difficult issue for parents is to give children the habit of brushing teeth. Because children's teeth decay more quickly than adults. The most important factor in the rapid decay of teeth is allowed to be consumed in excess sugar, chocolate, food, such as chips. Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu, a dentist, made recommendations to parents for tooth brushing education in children.

When should children begin cleaning teeth?

“Parents should start cleaning children's teeth at 6-8 months of age. After babies start to take solid foods, mouth cleaning should be done between meals and at night. It is best for mothers to clean the chewing surfaces of the teeth by slightly moistening a cotton. ”

When can you start Brushing?

En The easiest and most effective method for children to continue this habit is to start brushing their teeth at an early age. Tooth brushing training should be started after the baby's rear teeth begin to grow. Initial brushing attempts may be more difficult than expected. But over time this will become a habit that your baby likes. Regular brushing on the gums when the milk teeth begin to emerge will massage your gums and cause your baby to relax and reduce the pain he feels when he comes out.
It is difficult for children to fully acquire the habit of brushing their teeth until they reach school age. In general, when children brush their teeth, they clean the front surfaces and visible areas of the teeth. But the main area to be cleaned is the surfaces of the chewing teeth. For this reason, parents should check the children while brushing their teeth and give them the right dental education.
Of course, in addition to these methods, children should be taken to the dentist regularly for oral and dental health from infancy. In this way, future problems are prevented. ”

How should a toothbrush and paste be used in children?

“When choosing a toothbrush for children, a toothbrush made of soft and nylon bristles suitable for the child's mouth and tooth structure should be selected first. Because the toothbrush is hard can damage the child's gums. If the child sees a feeling of pity or bleeding in his teeth, he may be frightened and give up brushing his teeth. Therefore, toothbrush is important. Fluoride toothpastes should be preferred as toothpaste. Toothpaste should be used in the size of a chickpea grain and the toothbrush should be changed regularly every 6 months.
Children should brush their teeth 2 times a day after breakfast and at 3-minute intervals before bedtime. ”

How can children like brushing teeth?

- Brush your teeth at the same time as your child. Because children are affected by their parents' behavior.

-Get the kids a few brushes of their favorite in various colors. So you can make it a game when you use it by changing. This habit becomes easier.

Make your child more cute by brushing your teeth with toothbrushes and toothpastes that are sold in the market with his favorite cartoon characters.

-Create a toothbrush board suitable for your child's height.

- First let him brush his teeth, then show him with examples.

- Ask your dolls or toys to brush their teeth. So he will believe that everyone should brush their teeth.

- It is very important that you give your children the right feeding habits as well as the brushing habits. Allow sugar, chocolate, chips to consume limited foods.

- After eating sugar and similar products, show the sugar residues on your teeth with the help of a mirror. After brushing, show your child the teeth of a mirror again. Seeing that his teeth are clean will make him think that this is necessary.

- After brushing your teeth, be sure to appreciate it and reward it.

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