Why not feed your child in front of the television?

Why not feed your child in front of the television?

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What makes a mother happier; to have a child who finishes his plate. Because when the child is well-nourished, he will receive the necessary vitamins, his immune system will be strengthened, he will not be weak, and thus he will become less ill.

But many mothers complain about not being able to feed their children birçok There are many different ways to be able to eat. He makes funny comics, uses toys, and prepares the most delicious recipes using his creativity. Of course, we support all these efforts…

We heard from most mothers; to feed his child in front of television since infancy. In this way, he states that he can eat more quickly.

Psychologist Eda Gökduman explains why they don't prefer this way, which is very practical for mothers, in terms of gaining healthy eating habits:

Your child eats more in front of the television. Because the constantly changing, moving, colorful screen ensures the continuity of attention. The attention of the children is short-lived, with this mobility on the screen the duration of the short attention increases and the child unwittingly opens his mouth. You take this moment as an opportunity to prepare your child's soup full of vitamins you manage to swallow. The other spoon, then the other spoon and the last spoon. All soup is over unuz You are very happy… You are very comfortable.

To gain healthy eating habits; the child should be aware that the meal comes and eats. This can be earned by living. When meals are a routine during the day, the child learns to live by eating.

However, while watching television, your child is not aware that he or she is primarily eating. According to him, he is just watching TV in a fun way. Children cannot learn eating behavior in a healthy way because they are learning by living. A child who does not learn this behavior sufficiently can show malnutrition, not wanting to eat at the table, not eating regularly, choosing food, not eating himself.

We can say that a child showing these behaviors cannot gain healthy eating habits.

To gain healthy eating habits; Do not skip meals, sit at your table with your child, model with him / her by eating and not choosing food, and let him / her eat when he / she reaches the appropriate age. Whenever possible, make sure that all members of the family are present at the table. Take care to make your family enjoyable.

Healthy nutrition is important for the physical and mental development of the child. A healthy child is more resistant to diseases and can carry out any age-appropriate activity easily as it can have enough energy during the day. Attention, perception increases. Their crankiness and conflicts with you are reduced.

Never blame yourself if you are a mother who has had your child eat in front of the television in the past. Don't say, ım Did I make a mistake?.. You didn't do all this on purpose. But now you know the right thing ... No matter how old your child is starting today, you can give him a healthy eating habit.

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