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2 Month Infant Development

2 Month Infant Development

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  • He can respond to your smile with a smile.
  • At 1.5 months, it reacts to the rattle in a certain way. (startled, silent, crying)
  • It may make sounds other than crying.
  • He can lift his head up to 45 degrees while on his stomach.
  • It can hold its head upright when sitting upright.
  • With the help of his arms on his abdomen can lift the chest from the ground.
  • Can be rolled aside.
  • Can pay attention to small objects.
  • He can grasp it with the toy at his fingertips.
  • It can reach an object.
  • Like Agu, you can create words with consonants.
  • He starts to laugh by himself.
  • Two hands crossed.
  • He can scream for joy.
  • It can follow an object 180 degrees (one side to the other) 15 cm away from its face.

In these months if you are on maternity leave, remember to breastfeed as much as possible. Breastmilk that you will give to her until the age of 2, when you are not working directly from your breast will strengthen the bond between you and provide milk increase.

As the baby suckles milk comes in and the nipple receptors are stimulated. Therefore, the baby should be breastfed frequently.

If you are separated from your baby for any reason, you need to go to work or go out; breast pumps will be your greatest assistant. You can keep your milk in the refrigerator for your baby. There will also be special products to store. You can benefit from these products.

You can check our 0-6 month baby feeding article for breast milk storage conditions and more.

How Much Weight Should a 2 Month Baby Have?

A 2-month-old male baby weighs an average of 5400 grams and a 2-month-old female baby weighs an average of 5000 grams.

If you think your baby is gaining weight and you are wondering why, my baby is losing weight, why? You can read our article.

2 Months Baby Height How Many cm Should Be?

  • Lower limit of 2 months baby girl size: 52
  • 2 month old baby girl height upper limit: 57
  • 2 months old baby boy height limit: 52
  • 2 months old baby boy height upper limit: 63

How to tell if babies get cold?

One of the biggest misconceptions of mothers is to dress her baby too thick. Although it varies according to the season, it is sufficient to keep your baby at the appropriate temperatures. You do not need to keep it in an extremely hot environment. We recommend that you thicken your baby by dressing it on thin floors. So you can easily remove it when you feel it sweating.

You cannot understand the cold of the baby from their hands, you can understand it by touching the clothed areas.

When your baby sneezes, don't think he's cold right away, he'll cry when he's cold. 🙂

Taking the baby out:

You bring your baby out when you bring him home from the hospital. You can then take your baby out as long as there is no freezing cold. The opinion of previous generations not to take the baby out of the house for 2 weeks after birth is now completely invalid. A baby that is durable enough to come home from the hospital can also be taken to the park or supermarket. However, if you have an epidemic of influenza, you should not take your baby out. Keep in mind that the most effective way to protect your baby from infectious diseases is to keep his hands clean. Hand wash very carefully. Dress your baby properly when you take him out and take spare clothes for sudden changes in weather. Restrict the time your baby spends outside in rainy and windy weather. Wear your baby's headgear to protect it from the sun in the summer and from the cold in the winter.

Are babies spoiled?

Ensuring the comfort of the baby does not cause it to be spoiled in at least the first six months. Studies show that babies crying and meeting their needs in the first minutes after weeping cry less in the long run and their demands are reduced, and in the future they are not spoiled but happy and self-sufficient children. You will also get in close contact with him, which will reinforce his sense of trust.

Baby Ear Care

Clean the outside of your baby's ears with a wash cloth or cotton, but do not insert fingers, cotton, or ear swabs into the ear canal. The ear can naturally clean itself, and trying to remove dirt with any material has no other benefit than pushing the dirt deeper. If there is excessive accumulation of dirt, it means that your baby may have inflammation in the ear. In this case, talk to your doctor.

If you think your baby has inflammation in his ear, Dr. What are the Symptoms of Middle Ear Inflammation? You can read our article.

Each doctor or nurse may have a different approach to healthy infant control. In addition to the general organization of the physical examination, the type and number of examination techniques are tailored to the individual needs of the baby. But in general two month old baby The routine examination should include:

  • Questions about the situation of the baby and his family at home, how the baby is fed, sleep patterns and general development are examined.
  • The baby's weight, height, head circumference are measured and marked on the developmental chart from birth.
  • Check if there is a previously seen problem.
  • Examining the development. Head control (can hold it upright?), Hand use, visual and hearing skills, social interactions can be tested
  • The first vaccination sessions are performed (DTB: diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis; OPV: polio; Hib: hemophilus b vaccines are given this month; .
  • What can be done in the next month about nutrition, sleep and development is explained.
  • If necessary, recommendations for fluoride supplementation and vitamin D can be obtained.
  • You will be informed about the side effects of the vaccination and when to call your doctor.

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