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Let your baby relax with a massage

Let your baby relax with a massage

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About baby massage which is essential for “Emotional Attachment arasındaki between parent and baby Yeditepe University Hospital Clinical Psychologist Özden Dandul is sharing with you.

: What are the benefits of massage in general?
Psychologist Özden Dandul:
1) Regulates heartbeat
2) Essential for our joints and flexibility
3) Provides secretion of serotonin and endorphin hormones
4) Improves blood circulation
5) Good for headaches and back pain by relieving muscle tension
6) Increases mental alertness
7) Reduces the symptoms of depression
8) Reduces anxiety and stress
9) Strengthens the immune system
10) relaxes

: What are the benefits of massage for the baby?
Psychologist Özden Dandul: Massage for the baby has both physical and emotional benefits.
• Massage is essential for 'Emotional Attachment' between parent and baby.
• Provides a good start for communication between parent and baby
• As the baby feels safe during the massage, he starts to trust his parents.
• The trust relationship between the parents and the baby in the board allows the baby to become independent with the feeling of self-confidence.
• Allows more blood to be pumped into the heart
• Improves the gastrointestinal functions of the baby
• Facilitates digestion of food
• Makes breathing easier

: When should baby massage not be done?
Psychologist Özden Dandul: Infants with high fever and epilepsy should not be massaged. Massage should not be performed in cases of open wounds and bruising.

: When is the ideal time for massage?
Psychologist Özden Dandul: The best time for massage is half an hour after the baby is fed.

: What is Aroma Therapy massage?
Psychologist Özden Dandul: The use of the right oils during massage is accompanied by aroma therapy. Almond oil is the most suitable oil for baby massage in general. However, before the oil is applied to the skin, a drop must be dropped on the skin to see if it fits the baby's skin.

: What are the appropriate oils for colic?
Psychologist Özden Dandul: The oil obtained by mixing lavender or chamomile oil into the almond oil is the most suitable oil for colic. After this mixture is thoroughly fed into the hands, the baby's stomach should be massaged for 5 minutes clockwise.

: What are the appropriate oils for the 'host' seen on the baby's head?
Psychologist Özden Dandul: 1 drop of geranium and 1 drop of eucalyptus oil is obtained by mixing 45ml sweet almond oil. The resulting mixture can be carefully applied to the baby's head with the help of a brush. After waiting for a while, the baby's head is cleaned first by shampooing and then rinsing.

: Can you give information about baby massage programs at Yeditepe University Hospital?
Psychologist Özden Dandul: Baby massage sessions will be organized separately for parents. The duration of each session is 1 hour, the first half hour baby massage and the second half hour will be the time when mothers / fathers will share their concerns or experiences in a pleasant group environment. In this way, not only parents / babies, but also listening to each other in their babies by listening to each other, will turn into an experience to socialize. In the group where mothers will participate with their babies, I will show the movements through a model baby in the first half hour while the mothers / fathers will apply to their babies. Baby massage will consist of a total of four sessions, each session will cover a different part of the body. In baby massage sessions, the aim is not only that the parent massages her baby, but in fact, it will be a period of time to massage each other.

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