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5 Month Infant Development

5 Month Infant Development

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  • It can keep its head straight when sitting upright.
  • He can lift his chest off the ground by supporting his arms while lying on his stomach.
  • It can be rolled from side to side.
  • You can pay attention to objects as small as a grape.
  • He can scream with joy.
  • It may extend towards an object.
  • It can grab a rattle that touches the tips of your fingers.
  • He can give some weight on his legs.
  • It can hold its head at the same level as its body when it is pulled away from its hands.
  • One can turn towards the voice.
  • your Baby maybe he can manage to sit without help.
  • Aguu and similar voice and silent combinations can be removed.

5 Month Baby Feeding

Your baby has about a month to go to supplementary food as a supplement to breast milk. After the 6th month you can give her those who are not allergic by doing a few additional food trials.

In the 5th month of your baby remember that you still need to feed only breast milk. If you think your milk is low, remember that you should consult your doctor and supplement it with additional food or formula.

If you are working to increase breast milk, we recommend that you take care to feed your baby from the breast at least when you are at home. If you're a working mother, don't forget to milk your baby and make sure it's healthy while you're away. 🙂 You can review our breastfeeding guide for working mothers.

How Much Weight Should 5 Months Baby Have?

The average 5-month baby boy weighs 7500 grams and the 2-month baby girl weighs 6900 grams on average.

5 Months Baby Height How Many cm Should Be?

  • 5 month old baby girl height limit: 57
  • 5 month old baby girl height upper limit: 70
  • 5 month old baby boy height limit: 58
  • 5 month old baby boy height upper limit: 71

To learn the height and weight status of your baby during the whole development process, you can review our Height and Weight Chart.

What should be done for 5 months old baby development?

5 month old babyis now fully socializing and fully aware of its environment.
When can babies sit? 5 months is the perfect time for your baby to do sitting exercises. For healthy development, your baby should be doing sitting exercises this month. Keep in mind that you must have support pillows for your baby when making these trials.

Rough motor characteristics of babies, that is, reaching out to something, sitting, turning, moving the body, are the features that should be closely monitored for the first 6 months of development. To improve them, you need to allow your baby to spend some time by lying on the belly. For this, you can get support from play carpets. You should safely place your baby on the belly. In this way you will have the baby move against gravity. Learn to use the whole muscle structure.

Your baby can sit up this month to sit up on his own. Since the muscle structure is still not fully developed, do not forget to place support pads next to it when it is seated.

More powerful than ever:

Your baby's hearing has become more powerful than ever before in 5 months. In this way, your baby will not only distinguish your sounds better but also will react more easily to the sound toys and the surrounding sounds.

5 Month Baby Toys

Your baby is interested in toys that he can reach both in this month as he discovers his own voice and develops his ability to grasp objects. Especially play rugs can be a source of entertainment for babies aged 5 months. Other than that, your baby's teeth start to itch, you can get help from teether toys.

Apart from toys, it is very important that you play with your baby and support his or her language development. In this period when it starts to make a sound, you can contribute to its development by responding to it and communicating eye to eye.

In addition, a 5-month-old baby has come to the moon to react to its reflection. By holding a mirror you can see it, so you can have fun.

Does 5-Month-Old Baby Teeth?

It is possible to notice that your baby's teeth itch during these months. This process may have actually started in the 4th month. You can look at these symptoms to make sure your baby is in the process of teething:

  • Low Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Groundless Grumpiness
  • Oral Irrigations Lasting for 1 Month

5 Month Baby Sleep

You no longer need to wake up your baby at night. They sleep about 10 hours a night, 7 hours of which we can say is uninterrupted. You should regularly plan your baby's breakfast time, as they wake up at night for feeding. This way, your baby will wake up when hungry and will have a deep and comfortable sleep process.

If your 5 month old baby has not yet passed regular sleep, we recommend that you seek help from your doctor or sleep counselor.

Doctor Control of 5 Month Baby

Many doctors have not recommended routine checkups this month, but call your doctor if you have a problem that cannot wait until next month.


As your baby grows, the risk of accidents at home increases. Take care not to leave your baby who is starting to be able to lift his body slowly and to grasp objects, to protect himself from dangers.

Shopping Advice - Buy

For your 5-month-old baby, except for different toys, you can get bed guards. If your baby is lying in a bed without protection, minor accidents may occur as he begins to lift himself during this period. Here you can find the bed barriers products that you can find on ebebek and read reviews from other parents and buy them at affordable prices.

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