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11 Month Infant Development

11 Month Infant Development

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What Does Your 11 Month Old Baby Do?

  • It can lift a small object using any part of the head and other fingers.
  • He understands the word “no, fakat but it doesn't always fit.
  • You can play the game of clapping or waving.
  • He can walk by clinging to things.
  • It can stand momentarily or longer without support, or even take a few steps.
  • Mother, father can even say a few other words without knowing the meaning.
  • Now you can show your requests without crying.
  • He can drink a cup of water on his own.
  • Can say words in an incomprehensible language.
  • Even your baby can walk well.

When Do Babies Start Talking? - 11 Month Baby Development

In these months, your baby may start to use mother, father or even other words and language development begins. How can you contribute to your baby's speaking skills? This is as important as muscle development.
Your baby will be supported by the time you talk to her and look at her face so that the speech will be on time and go well. The fact that babies start to cry in 3-4 months is a step in this development.
Speaking skills in babies is not a skill to be acquired at once. First of all, the concepts should be placed in the mind of the baby. Therefore, it is very important that you communicate with him from the day he was born.

We don't expect more than 5 words this month, so don't think your baby's development is low.

When Do Babies Walk? - 11 Month Baby Development

Your baby is expected to crawl comfortably this month. Can stand up by holding, you can sort a few steps. Very rarely, some babies can walk at 11 months.

11 Month Baby Feeding

your baby after the transition to supplementary food you can start trying different foods every month. You can improve his taste buds by making new new recipes.

You can start to put her on the table in your meals, make her feel the time of day and family warmth. 🙂

Your baby during this period rough foods refuses to eatYou can start preparing some larger piece foods for her. You can prepare the fruits in the form of more solid and segmented purees. The fruit purees you will prepare in your home are the healthiest for him.

Learn more about 10-11 month old baby feeding.

11 Months Baby Weight What Should Be?

Weight varies according to the development of male and female babies. Average weight of an 11-month-old boy 9500 gr while, for baby girls 8500 g We can say.

11 Months Baby Height How many cm should be?

Height varies according to the development of male and female babies.

  • 11 month old baby girl height limit: 67
  • 11 month old baby girl height upper limit: 79
  • 11 months old baby boy height limit: 67
  • 11 month old baby boy height upper limit: 81

11 Months Baby Sleep

Your baby has a physiological structure that can sleep until the morning when he goes to bed in the evening. But not every baby one. Orsa If your baby wakes up frequently, you should review your sleep training.

What can you do to make the baby sleep?

To help your baby sleep comfortably You must create a sleep routine. So when your baby follows that routine, he knows that he has to fall asleep and prepares himself.

Physical Development of 11 Months Old Baby

  • During this period your baby may try to wear his socks by himself, let him try and discover it. Esi It will be enjoyable to watch.
  • When you ask something, he has reached the ability to point to you with his hand. You can ask and show the objects around him, his father and his mother to support his development.

11 Months Old Baby Games

During this period with your baby you can start playing mutual games. For example, sitting down to get used to the gaming process, dribbling game You can play. Your baby has enough physical and mental development to throw the ball at you. So you can have a lot of fun. 🙂

During this period, your baby will show interest in colorful books. You can read to him at night to create a sleep routine and to develop his imagination. Before you read the books to your baby, we recommend that you read them yourself and check for any objectionable signs.

The most ideal toys for the 11th month are toys that support walking. For example, walking ducks, first step cars, cars that can drive on the ground gibi

Not only with toys, they will love to play with you too. During this period, you can play various games together to support their crawling and walking.

Shopping Advice - Buy

You will notice that your 11-month-old baby is interested in pictures and colors in books. We advise you to support her by taking books for her baby during this period.

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