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Animated Babies

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The first thing the mother expects with excitement from the moment she learns her pregnancy is to feel the movements of her baby. Mothers define this feeling as edilemez indescribable mutluluk happiness. During pregnancy, the baby's movements are constantly monitored, and if he / she remains inactive for a certain period of time, he / she is worried if there is something that does not go well. It is even said that the movements of the baby in the womb decreases, increases the happiness of the mother and dances after a nice meal. The movements of the baby in the womb during pregnancy is an indication that the pregnancy is on its way. Indicating that the baby's mobility continues after birth at full speed, Anadolu Medical Center Child Health and Diseases Specialist. Namık Kemal Akpınar, attention to the importance of movement in terms of children's health and development. In time, with the development of the nervous system, meaningless and involuntary hand, arm and leg movements begin to decrease. Over time, voluntary movements began to be in the control of the upper brain, indicating that the development of the movement system continues from top to bottom. Namık Kemal Akpınar, in the evaluation of the development of the movement system, respectively; head control, reaching out with arms, hand holding exercises, development of thumb control, assisted sitting, unsupported sitting, crawling, sorting, walking, running, climbing and descending staircase. The fact that these stages of development begin to be in the appropriate months is an indication that the movement system is developed. Arm and leg movements in the first 6 months are necessary and necessary to facilitate the baby's pooing and gas release.Give your baby wide range of motionAs the child begins to crawl, tours to explore and learn the outside world begin. First, he begins to reach out to his alluring toys and objects, discovering distant points of view over time. The drawers it can reach are the most curious points. It is infinitely enjoyable for them to get up there, pull the drawer and throw away the contents. In this period, the baby should be provided with a wide range of motion. Do not place sharp, sharp-edged objects in the vicinity. Remove the covers hanging from the coffee table or table, prepare the environment in case of sudden movements and can not stop after starting to walk and expand the area. The development of mobile babies is ahead of their peersIn moving babies, there is no excess weight or even less weight. Since their perceptions about the environment and the researcher are more prominent, their development is ahead of their peers. Moving babies fall asleep faster after fatigue, sleep depth and duration is more.Watch them!• Toddlers want to walk alone, especially when going out. Allow this to be controlled by protecting it from outdoor hazards. • You can let him behave freely when going to the park or garden • They will want to climb and descend especially after 1,5 years of age. • Keep children on the inside with your left hand, especially when walking on the road. • Protect households from electrical outlets, especially knee lengths. Prefer shielded sockets with covers. • Do not keep sharp, sharp tools there, especially as they will play with kitchen drawers • Do not leave your children alone on escalators in shopping malls. • The pool edges are wet, so the chance of falling falls increases. So don't leave it alone. Dress shoes that do not slip on your feet.

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