What should you do if you cannot get pregnant again?

What should you do if you cannot get pregnant again?

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Having a baby doubles or the name of the infertility problem encountered as a surprising situation for women who have had previous pregnancy; secondary infertility! In other words, the inability to have a second baby is the same as the infertility problem faced by couples who have no babies! Moreover, the number of couples who encounter this problem is not too underestimated!

Reminding that there is infertility if couples cannot have children despite wanting for at least one year, Bahçeci said, “If you want a second child and you want to if you can't get pregnant you must consult a specialist.

Having a baby before doesn't prevent you from facing infertility right now. But with reproductive techniques to be applied according to your problem again baby owner.

If you are over 35, you should consult a specialist without waiting for one year. If you are over 30 treatment It reduces your chances of being delayed for ”.

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Don't be late if you think about the second baby!

En Previously pregnancy Pregnancy problems such as endometriosis, cystic diseases, infection and adhesions that may develop after pregnancy may be encountered. In addition, fertility decreased with the changes in the reproductive system over the years.

Hormonal disorders, decreased egg reserve, sperm count, changes in motility and morphology, problems that prevent sperm and egg from meeting at the right place and at the right time are common. Exercise, tight clothing and trauma can also change sperm conditions.

Reduction in the frequency of sexual intercourse ovulation irregularities may also contribute to this problem. Traumas, surgical interventions, chronic diseases and undiagnosed special problems may also play a role in secondary infertility. ”

Bahçeci emphasized that infertility problem is not a deficiency or a weakness but a curable health problem. “Whether you want your first baby or your second baby; the important thing is to understand your problem correctly and to apply the appropriate method.

In secondary infertility, ovulation problems, tubal causes (adhesion, congestion), sperm-related problems, some diseases or drugs may be caused, but sometimes no cause can be found. After the necessary examinations, double information is given about the appropriate treatment option.

Vaccination, test tube, The treatment plans using microinjection and ovarian stimulating drugs are different for each pair. For this reason, it is most accurate that patients do not compare the drugs or tests administered to them with other patients. Konuşuy

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