Considerations for Baby's Brain Development

Considerations for Baby's Brain Development

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Memorial Şişli / Ataşehir Hospital Head of Brain, Spinal Cord and Nerve Surgery Department Dr. Dr. İlhan Elmacı gave information about the brain development of the baby that started in the first weeks of pregnancy and what needs to be paid attention during pregnancy.

The most important period of brain and nerve development of the unborn baby is between the 4th and 10th weeks. In the early stages of this period, the expectant mother may not be aware of her pregnancy. During this critical period of time when the baby's brain and nervous system develops along with other organs, drugs used by the mother, nutritional status and mental health are very important.

Development of baby's brain and nervous system pregnancy Although it starts in the first weeks of pregnancy (pregnancy) continues throughout. Mother and father any condition from birth to birth can affect the neural and physical development of the baby. Folic acid used before and during pregnancy is known as the best vitamin to protect the baby from possible brain diseases and spinal cord disorders. Folic acid deficiency may be insufficient for organ and tissue development. It may even cause diseases such as hydrocephalus or spinal cord developmental disorders. If pregnancy is planned, it is more beneficial to start taking folic acid beforehand. so baby development It is ensured that the folic acid required for the mother's body is present in sufficient amounts. It should be remembered that folic acid, which is vital during pregnancy, should be used in cases and rates recommended by physicians.

For the development of the baby during pregnancy not only in the first weeks, but throughout the entire pregnancy folic acid alone is not enough. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to healthy and varied nutrition and water intake. Only intake of certain vitamins and minerals should not be considered sufficient. Protein and consuming energy-containing foods and fresh fruits and vegetables are important for the healthy development of the baby. In addition, non-heavy exercise and mood are among the important factors in the baby's brain development. Obstetrics and gynecologists should always seek help from these subjects.

Pregnancy All tests during baby's nervous system and brain. Healthy development of pregnancy is very important for the normal development of the nervous system. The most important issue here is that the baby does not have hereditary disease. Blood tests and ultrasound performed during pregnancy are important. 11-14 of pregnancy. and 16-18. Triple - week tests are important to indicate the risk of the baby having a possible genetic problem. If a risky situation is observed in the results, different tests can be performed. Recently, fetal DNA analysis is one of the mentioned tests. It is a test that is analyzed by analyzing the DNA of the baby that passes into the mother's blood. In addition, the results of amniocentesis, choriocentesis and chorioc villus biopsy, in which the genetic structure of the baby is extracted, provide direct and important information about brain development.

Ultrasound imaging during pregnancy follow-up provides important information for the baby's nerve and brain development. It is important for determining the basic structure of the brain and the size of the ventricles in the brain called the ventricle. In addition, the integrity of the spine can be determined by ultrasound imaging with little margin of error. 21-22. USG performed in the second week shows the neural development of the baby. If there is a suspicion that there is a problem with the child in risky pregnancies, MRI can be performed during pregnancy. This shows the neural development of the baby more clearly. However, MRI is useful when appropriate patients are taken under appropriate conditions.

Considering that there may be problems in the neural development of the baby, it is necessary to inform the family about the problems that may be encountered. If the baby is to be evaluated and corrective surgery is planned immediately after birth, the family should be informed about the gains and risks. In babies, hydrocephalus, defined as birth by spinal cord sac (meningocele, meningomyelocele) and development of water ventricles in the brain, are the most common nervous system problems. Surgical solution of these problems is possible, but patients should be closely monitored. Recurrent surgery may be required. In infants born with sacs, the sacs are closed in the first stage and additional surgical corrections are required for the spine or tense spinal cord in the future. In patients with hydrocephalus, shunt surgery is required in which the excess water in the brain is transferred to the abdominal cavity by means of thin soft hoses.

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