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Sexual Development Process in Children

Sexual Development Process in Children

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During the sexual development process of children, families do not know what to do many times and sometimes panic. However, it is up to the families to be informed about the sexual development process that is divided into different periods and to be calm.Acıbadem Hospital Kadıköy Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Contact Zerrin directly He explained the things that should be known about sexuality in children during and after infancy.

We are all born with our sexual identity. We all sexual they have impulses and these impulses continue for life. However, when the foundations of sexuality are laid, it is necessary to go back to childhood. Parents' information and approaches are very important in this process, which starts with birth and is completed with adolescence. Well children what kind of attitude should be adopted against which behaviors in which age periods? Acibadem Hospital Kadikoy Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, says that ignorance lies at the basis of many people's fear, anxiety and indecision. Zerrin Topçu talked about what to know about sexuality in children during and after infancy.

The actual sexual development period is observed in the preschool period between 2.5-6 years. Inquiries are observed with curiosity in boys and girls. for example girls they start to ask their mothers why they don't have a penis and “pipi iyle with children's discourse. Children who are slowly striving to explore sexuality wonder and look at each other's genitals. The intellectual content of sexuality occurs in this period.

In the same period to parents interest also occurs. While the girl approaches the father, she sees the mother as her rival, and the boy, on the contrary, approaches the mother and sees the father as her opponent. It is observed that children often ask their parents u Will you marry me de during this period? In fact, the age of sexuality in the most comfortable and open age is between 3-6 years, every wondered can be expressed easily.

Dr. Zerrin Topçu, underlining that all this is a very natural process, says: her Almost every child is going through this period. Those who do not live are children who are suppressed. The most feared issue for families is masturbation. In fact, we can see masturbation behavior as normal until the age of 6. These can only be alarming if they continue to be done in social settings. The child can masturbate in his own room or bed. He doesn't have to learn it from anywhere or on television, he can learn it on his own. ”

3-6 Age Group Points to Consider

3-6 years period urges and an increase in sexual curiosity, the child begins to discover himself and the opposite sex. Therefore, masturbation and sexual questions are intensified in this period. In this period, families should pay attention to abnormal movements. Artillery provides the following information:

"Let's say boy if she behaves like a girl, for example, if she is interested in babies, not cars, she is less close to her peers and closer to her mother… If the girls are closer to men than to her girlfriends, close to men's activities, there is an abnormality in sexual identification and needs attention. . Because some of the children with sexual identification problems arise with the motivation of the family. For example, the family desires that their daughters are boys and therefore buys him boys' toys. It acts like a man, sending it to sports where men are more common. This can be noticed by looking at the behavior patterns of the family. But in some, nothing can be seen. Here, the children in this group indicate that the problem of sexual identification can be permanent. ”

In this period when the core of eroticism was thrown, families should first maintain their physical distance with their children. What does this mean? Especially from the age of 3, parents and their children should take care not to sleep in the same room and in the same bed. Dr. Artillery, taking it from two different angles explain. The first point is important in supporting the child's independence. Because in this period, the child is trying to become an individual and the opposite sex individual. The desire to sleep with parents can increase the confusion of children. As the child completes this period, he understands that he cannot marry his parents. But otherwise the child is confused if he is still sleeping with his parents when he is 6 years old. This period, defined as the oedipal period, causes prolongation of the conflict. In the same period, entering the bathroom with children naked is shown as another objectionable behavior. Because children are vulnerable to erogenous impulses in this period, parents should take care to be clothed with their children in the bathroom.

Which of the children's behaviors should be perceived as normal? This issue is perhaps one of the most curious points of the family. Dr. According to Topçu, it is normal for children to call their parents veya I want to marry you ama, but the children need to be told the truth. Since the mother and father represent reality, giving logical answers without hurting the child instead of unnecessary and wrong answers helps him to get through the chaos.

Another important detail is the way the parents address the children. Dr. According to Topçu, parents should never address their children as they do to their wives - darling, love. The period in which the child is in the age of 0-5 is the period in which the foundations of personality are laid. 0-1 age period is more addictive period. If there is confusion during this period, addiction can increase. After the age of 3, the foundations of “I will live as a male or female individual or are laid. Therefore, as much as possible in this period should be brought closer to reality. But it is important to do this without breaking and supporting.

According to them, children may be “lover Dr. during this period. Topçu said that this is a very normal and positive behavior. Sayesinde Thanks to this beloved child is no longer dependent on his mother and father. Sexual transference is shifted in a different direction from parents. This also means that the child begins to resolve the chaos. It is also not right for parents to go over the situation and be presented as a major issue by the family. The child should be left to himself and listen at any time. ”

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