Care Tips for Twin Babies

Care Tips for Twin Babies

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the twins they need to be breastfed from the moment they are born. We all think mother's milk whether it is enough for two babies. On the other hand, mothers have doubts about whether or not milk is enough for a single baby. Although the medical literature says that milk is sufficient for two babies, if the mother receives warnings from the twin babies and the babies are strong, it is milk. But babies If weight gain is not enough, you need to make some supplements.

Newborn Specialist at Acıbadem Maslak Hospital Gülnihal Şarman, He said that only three out of 100 mothers who had twins were able to feed their baby without the need for dietary supplements.

As the mother is very tired, she emphasizes that the home care program should be organized very well. Gülnihal Şarman, “This fatigue, milk production adversely affects. In order for mothers to get good milk, twin baby care should be planned at home. We offer some suggestions to families for this plan. ”

Prepare very practical dishes.

Stick the phone numbers of places where you can order ready-to-eat food in the refrigerator.

You can save time by shopping online.

Make bulk purchases.

Help your mother go out. Leave someone with the babies.

Use the disposable items (plates, forks, spoons, knives) that will not wash dishes when unexpected guests arrive.

Maintain shift planning such as mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, grandmother, still, supporters like aunt.

Keep the registry for the first 3-4 weeks. Because sometimes the same babies are fed and the other baby can't show their hunger. For this reason, the number of feeding, the number of defecation hours, urine, oral or bottle feeding must be noted.

Try to prepare log charts properly and without skipping information.

 The behavior of twin babies is also the main topic of daily conversations among families. Parents are very surprised at the first 5-6 months after the baby is born; because babies pretend they don't know each other. However, in the sixth and ninth months they discover their hair and ears and catch each other. They are very interested in each other towards one year. Because they have a wealth that they will never meet: each other. The good communication between twin babies has been strengthened from the age of one and at the age of two it has become a serious teamwork. They develop a language called twin talk and use it among themselves and understand only themselves.

There are other important points about the care of twin babies. Gülnihal Şarman underlines that the development of babies should be closely monitored by families:

Families, if one baby is smaller than the other, makes comparisons with the other. Babies need to be accepted as two separate people from the moment they are born.

Making comparisons in this way for life disrupts family dynamics. If there is a delay in the development of one baby compared to the other, they should be recognized early and the necessary interventions should be started immediately:

If one or two months old baby's body is stiff, there is a high risk of brain damage.

This is not normal if the infant cannot hold his head when he is three to four months old, his head shakes back and forth and cannot remain upright. We need to take immediate action.

A “red” alarm should be considered if a premature baby does not do what it should do despite correcting the bear. For example: An 8-month-old baby born 2 months prematurely is 6 months old. If this baby cannot reach and hold the toys around and show no interest, it is necessary to attempt again.

If risks start to increase during pregnancy, it is important that families plan a B plan for themselves:

A full-fledged, infant intensive care hospital where twin births can be performed needs to be identified. Especially if the birth will take place under the 32nd week, the choice of hospital becomes even more important.

If it is determined that serious warnings have started by the obstetrician, the mother should meet the intensive care team, see the center where she will give birth, and introduce herself to the team.

The organization of the team is important for the baby to be born. If it will be a very risky birth, the experts should adjust themselves to the highest level, the number of nurses should be adjusted and the open heaters should be reserved for babies. Advanced premature babies stay in those beds for weeks.

Communication of families is also important. It is important to talk to families every 15 days. Newborn medicine begins before babies are born.

Families should also be prepared financially and have an idea about the costs. If the hospital the families choose is very costly, it is important that they make other plans themselves.

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