Baby Development

17. Week Pregnancy

17. Week Pregnancy

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17th week of pregnancy We have prepared a great article about you. ? We wish all the expectant mothers a pleasant reading.

Changes in the Baby - Week 17 Pregnancy

Your baby's height is now around 17 cm, with the ultrasound organs began to be seen much more clearly. Let's see what you can do this week in your womb and how it looks:

  • The structures within the press, diaphragm in the abdomen, heart, kidneys and bladder were easily monitored.
  • The cartilage began to turn into bone.
  • The umbilical cord grew and thickened.
  • The accuracy of the gender diagnosis is now close to 100%!
  • The blood flow inside the placenta and cord can also be easily monitored.
  • For several weeks your baby has been working on two basic reflexes: sucking and swallowing.

Health Advice to the Mother - Week 17 Pregnancy

Upper respiratory tract infections may be more severe during pregnancy. These disorders, which usually last for 5-6 days, can even cause lung infections during pregnancy. If your complaints last longer than 4-5 days and your fever rises, inform your doctor.

You can drink herbal teas such as ginger teas, linden, lemon-mint but Do not drink sage.

One of the most important events we fear in multiple pregnancies is infant losses in the second trimester. Cervical insufficiency is an important cause of these losses. Especially ultrasound in multiple pregnancies The length of the cervical canal should be measured and the presence of risk for cervical insufficiency should be evaluated. If you are in the risk group for preterm labor, this examination may be needed in the following weeks.

Nutrition Advice to the Mother - Week 17 Pregnancy

In women fed with vegetable foods and unidirectional, iron deficiency anemisine It is common and the babies born from these mothers low birth weight and premature that is. Daily vitamin C consumption is also an important factor in the use of iron in the body. Important sources of iron; Meat and its derivatives are eggs, dark green leafy vegetables, legumes and raisins.

Daily iron requirement should be 20-27 mg / day.

Fibroids in Pregnancy - Week 17 Pregnancy

If you have fibroids before, your fibroids may have a tendency to grow during pregnancy. Fibroids can cause eyebrow pain and back pain in this period. Fibroids growing close to the surface of the uterus are generally problem-free. The size and position of the fibroids can be determined by ultrasound. Your baby should be followed while they are being checked.

Dry Eye in Pregnancy - Week 17 Pregnancy

During these weeks, dry eye may begin to occur. You can use artificial tears in consultation with your doctor.

Important Notices - Week 17 Pregnancy

Do not consume milk and dairy products of unknown origin.

The most common infections transmitted by milk and dairy products are salmonella and listerious germs that cause food poisoning. These microbes are frequently seen in non-pasteurized and expired products. You can drink pasteurized milk daily.

Remember that during pregnancy, especially in the summer, your fluid loss increases with the heat. Try to consume plenty of fluids. Remember your daily caffeine limit when consuming soft drinks and iced tea.

If this is your first pregnancy, don't rush and worry. It may take up to 20 weeks to feel your baby's first movements.

Shopping Advice to the Mother - Week 17 Pregnancy

Note from your baby:

Mommy, hello from our 17th week! I have two very important assignments this week orum I'm learning to swallow and suck. You need to take care of yourself for both of us. If you get cold, you can drink gingerbread teas, linden and lime mint, but don't drink sage. I liked the fact that you were healthy on our 17th week. And what did you love most, Mommy?

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