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Don't say, “My child doesn't swear..

Don't say, “My child doesn't swear..

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Why Do Children Swear?

From the moment the child starts to speak, they memorize many words they hear from their close circle and use that word in a close process. These words can be positive or negative words. Children see no harm in pronouncing words that they don't already know. This is an expected situation for children. Whether innocent or intentionally, the child will learn one of these words by hearing from somewhere.

Don't be angry with your child!

Child Psychiatry Assist. Assoc. Dr. Serdar Alpaslan says that the child should not be angry when he says an inappropriate word. Alparslan said, i When the child is angry and reacts to you and wants to make it clear to you, he will use the word again. Because the child has learned that this word is something that will annoy parents. Expressions such as 'I'll put hot pepper in your mouth' and 'look beating' reinforce this bad behavior of the child. Also, when the child first says a 'shame' word, the parent laughs or laughs gently, just trying to hide it, the child notices it and says the word again. Because what young children want most is to please their parents. ” Alparslan, who says that reacting with laughter or anger reinforces bad speaking behavior, says that after the child's anger has passed, the child should be talked about the situation in an appropriate manner.

What are the causes of swearing in children?

Oral Avoidance: As a result of any tension, swearing is a natural condition. A child who is very blocked and whose living space is very narrowed can curse as anger.Attention: Children who do not receive enough attention from their parents swear.Shaking: Some children may shock adults and swear to disturb them.Defense: For some children, saying bad words is a form of defense.Maturation: Sometimes children also say bad words, as a symbol of being adults.

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