Tips for Gaining Eating Habits for Your Child

Tips for Gaining Eating Habits for Your Child

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Children of the New Age prominentContact Nur directlyis sharing with you about those who are curious about eating habits.

  • Have an appetite child and an appetite baby concepts. How do you explain that?

First of all, I wish to define the appetite. Appetite is the pleasure of eating with joy and desire. A child who has not finished his or her meal should be first examined for physical discomfort.

AnemiaSuch as intestinal parasites, high fever, ear-nose discomfort. What is not a result of this is the events that children experience in their inner worlds, making them appetite or lack of appetite, which is what I am interested in and focus on.

  • So you're saying that if the child isn't happy in his inner world, this affects the food order.

Answer: Exactly. Sadness, jealousy, anxiety and hatred in the child's inner world can prevent him from eating. To force a child to eat food chronic eating problem cause.

A child is taking enough for himself.
  • Forced food is of no use. Mothers trying to force something to eat plate spoon. They don't want them to starve instinctively. Are they doing it wrong?

Answer: Of course I agree with mothers. However, the plate in the hands of the child running behind, forced food in his mouth does not solve the problem. Unlike meal time for baby it is a punishment. Each child's meal capacity is different. Forced food, eliminates the child's desire to eat.

Criticism also eliminates the taste of food. What we said, appetite is formed with pleasure, joy and desire. Such negative criticisms and compulsions also eliminate the child's little desire.

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  • I know the importance you care about the game. Should food be fed by play?

Of course, play is very important for the development of a child. However, the game should be applied until the age of 2. Can be eaten by play until 2 years old, then food and table habit The game is not suitable for my opinion.

Because in order to apply certain rules, we have to give this habit to the child from an early age. Eating together with the family is an important role model for the child. Even if he has not eaten, it is important for the child to develop at the table.

  • So not to force what is appropriate. Mothers will not be very comfortable in this matter?

I deserve mothers. But what mothers can't do will starve. Let them starve rather than force them constantly. After a while, it is necessary to eat. The junk food given to the child who does not finish his meal at the table then cuts his appetite.

Instead, with some determination, En If you are hungry, wait for your meal time ” it will make it easier to get a little work. In addition, not necessarily insist on a vegetable that does not eat the communication with the child makes it difficult. I think it is important to offer different alternatives instead, to decorate the vegetables on the plate with other foods that he likes.

  • Offering plenty of variety is also very important for its development.

Of course. As you know, we have 5 basic food groups. And it is very important to offer children a menu of all these food groups. Each food group has different characteristics in terms of development.

If he drinks milk and does not eat yogurt, I think it is more appropriate to try to eliminate the deficiency with cheese instead of insisting. I think that after a certain age, as the taste of the palate develops, he will gradually start to buy those foods.

  • To sum up, you say that it is better not to insist on eating or to force the child.

Yeah. It is appropriate not to punish the meal times. I think it is very important in terms of communication with this child. Because a child who does not eat will inevitably increase the tone of his voice and use different and abrasive expressions. I think this is more important than the food problem.

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