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Things To Keep Your Child Short

Things To Keep Your Child Short

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If your child's clothes do not shrink, they are shorter than their peers, it is recommended to consult a specialist instead of waiting for “It has attracted us” or ar Somehow longer uz. Because short stature is a treatable condition tedaviIstanbul University Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine Department of Endocrinology, Child Health and Diseases, Pediatric Endocrinology and Adolescent Head of the Department. Dr. Contact Oya directly Bir According to a study we have done among our students, the average height of girls is 1.62 cm. So; 1.55 cm. We have already exceeded the limits. Mother-fathers, do not ignore the short stature you notice in your children. ”

How to monitor growth in children?

The prenatal period and starting from birth until the age of 18 from time to time accelerating or slowing, but there is a continuous process. There are several factors in healthy growth of the child. Factors such as nutrition and regular secretion of growth hormone play an important role in neck growth. We evaluate whether the child's height is normal using standard percentile curves. The height of a healthy child lies between the 3 and 97 percentile lines on the curve and continues on the same curve throughout childhood. It is a problem that the child's height is below the 3rd percentile or falls over time while in the normal percentile curve and lags behind his peers. Monitoring of growth rate is essential to catch short stature or any problems related to growth.

How to determine whether the neck is short?

We evaluate the height assessment by looking at the growth rate and the growth curve. Mothers and fathers can also evaluate by comparing with their peers or by paying attention to whether their clothes are shortened or not. Short stature; bare feet measured by the neck, age and sex is below the normal growth curve. The annual growth rate is 25 cm. In the second age, it is 12 cm., 6 -8 cm. In preschool period. should be. Adolescence is also a period of rapid growth. If a child grows less than 5 cm per year before puberty, the growth curve cannot continue along the same line and lags behind.

Does short stature pass through the family?

Some may be called familial for short children. But before you say that, it is necessary to monitor the growth rate of the child. The child does not mean that his parents will be short. It can be understood later that the majority of familial shortnesses are not without a reason and may actually be for a reason. If the mother is under 1.50 and the father is under 1.63, there is a family short stature. Before a short stature is considered familial in a child, the growth rate must be followed, and if the growth rate is insufficient, a detailed examination should be performed. In the past, when it was said to be family, it was incurable. But today there may be a curable condition. So it's not right to say, 'Your mother, that's your father, and that's it.' It must be examined in detail.

What does bone age mean?

Our main biological age is our bone age. The limit of ossification points for adults is 18 in girls and 19 in boys. Bone age is determined by an x-ray of the wrist bones. This film shows us the age of skeletal maturation. We carry out this examination in order to determine the growth potential and the target neck to be reached in every child and adolescent who are short in length. The difference between bone age and chronological age should be small. This is not normal if the bone age of a three-year-old child appears to be one year.

Is the height development between boys and girls different?

Boys are born a little heavier than girls. Until the age of puberty, there is no big difference between boys and girls. Difference; girls begin to form when they enter the cloudiness. When girls first enter the age of puberty, they grow tall and become taller than boys. Men enter the puberty two years later and extend towards the end of the puberty. Boys, who are advantageous over girls, have a total average of 13 cm. throw difference. The 1.60 height woman is equal to the 1.73 height man.

If growth hormone deficiency is detected in the child, what kind of treatment is applied?

Treatment of growth hormone deficiency is both easy and very successful, it is an expensive treatment but the treatment institutions meet. Injections are used once a day. With pencil-shaped tools, children can easily implement it themselves. First we educate the family and the child. Long-term treatment. Continue treatment until the child reaches the final dye.

How to follow a child's height?

• Comparison can be made according to peers.
• It is possible to check whether your clothes and shoes are getting smaller.
• Growth can be monitored at home with a simple height chart created on the wall.
• Waiting for the phrase 'Somehow prolonged', you should consult a doctor if there is any doubt about the growth.

Is there a formula for height calculation?

For the girl, the total length of the mother and father will be subtracted from 13, and the result will be divided into two. For the boy, 13 will be added to the total length of the mother and father, and the result will be divided into two. The resulting number gives the height of the child.

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