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39. Week Pregnancy

39. Week Pregnancy

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39. week pregnancyWe have prepared a great article about you. 🙂 We wish all the expectant mothers a pleasant reading.

Your baby's weight is between 3-3 and a half pounds and the height is approx. 52 cm!
So what's going on this week?

  • Your baby will be born with a layer of vernix that protects it against the outside world.
  • Almost all the feathers on his body have been shed.
  • The fat layer develops and prepares it for the outside world. So when he's born, he'il be cold.
  • As of this week, your baby is expected to be in the pelvis.

Health Advice to the Mother - Week 39 Pregnancy

Now that your baby is well down, you may have difficulty walking. We recommend that you rest more during this period.

During this period, your water may decrease. As the amount of water decreases there may be a drop in blood flow. In such a dangerous situation the method of delivery can be changed quickly. Together with your doctor, you should constantly examine your baby's and your health and decide on the method of delivery.

Remember, it's not how you give birth; that you have it. 🙂

Nutritional Advice to the Mother - Week 39 Pregnancy

In the last weeks, the excitement increases and you want to reach your baby as soon as possible, you are right beslenme In the last weeks, the nutrition is gaining more importance for the mother who is planned to have a normal birth because the mothers who consume sugary and high calorie foods can take between 300-400 grams. Caesarean section can be performed due to the large size of the baby. For this reason, you should pay attention to your diet and should not neglect your daily walks in consultation with your doctor.

What is Epidural Anesthesia - Week 39 Pregnancy

Reduce pain during childbirth and to increase the comfort of the expectant mother epidural anesthesia applicable. It should be applied especially after the uterus has reached 5 cm. Post-pain relief, as well as the muscles in the birth canal loosening strains are more effective. In this way, the baby can be ensured comfortable.

What if the birth isn't happening yet? - Week 39 Pregnancy

If you have completed 40 weeks of gestation and have not yet begun delivery, you can expect an average of 1 week if tests of your baby are OK. If the uterus has undergone adequate changes for labor, artificial pain may be recommended to stimulate labor.

The most important criterion of the response to treatment in artificial labor is the readiness of the uterine canal for delivery. Your doctor will look for these findings during the examination. If your uterine canal is not ready for delivery, the possibility of an artificial pain is unlikely. In these cases, drugs that provide maturation of the uterine canal can be made.

What are the Symptoms of Birth? - Week 39 Pregnancy

If you are in week 39, many sign of birth you may be living.

  • Infant descent to pelvis
  • The arrival of water
  • Increase in vaginal discharge
  • Frequent urination
  • Start breathing more comfortably (pressure on your breath decreases as the baby enters the birth canal.)
  • Thinning of cervix

How to Have a Normal Birth - Week 39 Pregnancy

  • To have a normal birth first, the baby is expected to have entered the birth path in the opposite way. Normal delivery becomes difficult for babies who do not return until birth.
    After entering the birth path, the mother is expected to be in regular and frequent pains. Thanks to these pains, the mother's uterus is opened. For normal birth The uterus is expected to be open up to 10 cm.

When all these conditions are met, normal birth can occur.

Note from your baby:

Mommy, hello from our 39th week!

We went to the hospital this week and we had the whole family with us… My big, wonderful family can't wait to get back to me. I was born! Hello to everyone! In my 39th week, when I was in my mother's lap, I liked to call all of you INGAAA, but what did you like most?

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