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26. Week Pregnancy

26. Week Pregnancy

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26th week of pregnancyWe have prepared a great article about you. 🙂 We wish all the expectant mothers a pleasant reading.

Your baby is about 34 cm and approached 750 grams.

  • During this period, your baby's fingernails may appear on ultrasound.
  • As the skin is very thin yet, the capillaries may look a bit red.
  • Your baby's lung development continues rapidly, he's already started breathing exercises. 🙂

Health Advice to the Mother - Week 26 Pregnancy

When examining your baby by ultrasonography, the examination of the resistance of the mother's uterine vessels may provide additional information:
Early pregnancy color doppler “notch görülen seen in the uterine veins with the latest 25-26. weeks. This is due to an increase in the diameter of the uterine vessels and a change in the wall thinning. If this change does not occur, pregnancy hypertension and development stagnation may occur 4 times more than the population. In this case, the risk of formation with low dose aspirin can be reduced.

If you are experiencing right back and low back pain, your uterus may have a slight enlargement of the right kidney because it puts pressure on the urinary tract. It is an uncomfortable pain and may require you to take painkillers from time to time. If such a finding is found, it is better to choose the left side while lying on its side.

Nutrition Advice to the Mother - Week 26 Pregnancy

Particular attention should be paid to unpasteurized food, raw or undercooked meats, chicken or fish consumption during this period. At home food cooking techniques vitamins, mineral losses is very important to minimize. Care should be taken to ensure that raw vegetables do not come into contact with such foods, and use different cutting boards and knives.

Flushing in Pregnancy - Week 26 Pregnancy

Fever flushing is common during pregnancy. Pregnant women walking around in short-sleeved clothes during the winter months are a familiar sight. The reason is the expansion of the vessels and the acceleration of metabolism due to hormonal change.

Exercise in Pregnancy - Week 26 Pregnancy

You should take care when doing stretching exercises during pregnancy. Due to excessive stretching, small ruptures of tendons and muscles may occur.
You should exercise without straining the muscle and ties.
Be sure to consult your doctor for your exercise.

Leg and Foot Swelling in Pregnancy - Week 26 Pregnancy

Swelling may occur in your legs and leg varicose veins, which we call leg heirs, may become noticeable. These are the result of the blood circulation, which is broken by the growing uterus. As a precaution you may need to beg your feet at the end of the day and use varicose stockings if your doctor recommends them. The varicose veins should be worn without waking the legs down when awakened and removed only in the evening.

Salt Use in Pregnancy- Week 26 Pregnancy

It is not right to remove salt completely from the diet. Along with the lost liquids, there is also a loss of salt. There is no need to stop the use of salt unless salt is added to the dishes of normal taste. Spicy, abundant spicy foods and extra salt will cause your body to swell.

Shopping Advice to the Mother - Week 26 Pregnancy

Note from your baby:Mommy, hello from our 26th week! I know you're always doing the best for both of us, I think you're the most beautiful mother in the world. But I just wanted to remind you, be very careful when you go out in the sun, sunscreen, hats and goggles without harmful substances will protect you. You can also relax with your feet up in the evenings. I liked my mother taking care of me the most on our 26th week. My dear family, what do you like most?

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