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How to Choose a Baby Carriage?

How to Choose a Baby Carriage?

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How to Choose the Right Stroller?

Your baby is born, now it's time to go out with her and enjoy the good weather. What is the most appropriate transport system for this? First of all, we want you to know that the same car is not suitable for everyone. The important thing is to choose a stroller that suits you, your lifestyle, your neighborhood, the way you travel (private or public transport). For this, you should consider your daily activities in detail. You can consider the following items when choosing the ideal car for you and your baby.

Available From Birth:

The moment you step out of the hospital, your hand will be your baby carriage. For this, you need to choose baby strollers that can easily carry your newborn, which can be placed in a fully lying position or that can be mounted on the mother's lap.

Easy To Be Folding, Weight & Size:

As a parent you may not always have a partner or someone to help you. You don't want the stroller to be a burden for you when you're shopping, in the park, on the beach, suddenly when your baby cries, when you need to embrace, or when you're landing. For this, while carrying your baby with one hand, you have to make sure that it is a product that you can easily open and close the car with the other hand and that it should be heavy enough to not tire you. If possible, choosing a single-handed model will be practical. Likewise, your life will be easier with lighter models that are not too bulky. If you are driving a private vehicle, make sure to choose according to the luggage of your vehicle. Then you don't want to stroll in the back seat. Some models come with wheels, so you can easily put them in the trunk of your car.

Easily Washable Fabric:

Continuous pollution of the environment is inevitable when it comes to the baby. If you think that you will use the car continuously, the fabric can be washed out easily and it will make your job very easy.

Large Basket:

When you go shopping and have long trips, you should prefer big carts with large basket capacity so that you and your baby can carry their belongings easily.

Suspension and Brake System:

If there are cobblestones in the environment you live in, roads with high pavement, gravelly pit, you must choose a solid suspension car. As it is the safety of the baby, you should also be sensitive to the braking systems.

To be able to use the car seat as a car seat:

Accidents occur when we never expect them. I shouldn't say I'll take it on my lap. It is very advantageous for you to use your mother's lap as a car seat until the baby sits for the first 6 months and it will be safe for your baby. The main lugs can usually be secured with the belt in the back seat of your car. In this way, both your baby travels safely and you are comfortable. In addition, thanks to the main hitch that can be mounted in the stroller, you can easily carry the sleeping baby to your stroller, so that you can easily shop and walk.

The Car Is Returned To The Parent:

Some babies want to see their parents while sitting in their car. Some of them love watching around the back. Unfortunately, we can't understand this before the baby is born. So it is useful to choose the car in a way that you feel comfortable. The seats of some cars can be adjusted in either direction or the handle can be diverted.

Extra Features:

Nowadays, the needs of today are changing shape. We sip our coffee in one hand and look at our phone with the other. We also want to push the stroller with one hand. For this, some cars have special pockets where you can put cups or phone. Likewise, the cars may include additional parts such as raincoats, windbreakers, umbrellas and winter fleece jumpsuit. They are all there to make your life easier. It is useful to select and supply what is essential for you.

According to your budget:

In fact, perhaps the first thing that will guide you when buying a car is your budget. Every parent wants the best for the comfort of their baby, but sometimes the possibilities may not allow it. At this point, the first thing you should think about is the most important, most useful investment that you will make to your baby and yourself. Because you do not want to hear extra stress when you go out while dealing with the difficulties of life with children, and you do not want a product that you will use for a few years to wear out immediately. So with a reasonable budget you can ensure the comfort of both you and your baby. There are many products on the market that can meet this.


You always want something to look good, but your priority should always be the comfort of you and your baby.

Baby Stroller Models

  • Standard Baby Stroller: Essential features such as adjustable seats, sun visors and baskets are all available in this type of stroller. Neither comfortable nor very practical, these cars have models for every budget. Two-way driving is available on some models of this type of car. One drawback is that it takes up a lot of space when folded. If you prefer a standard stroller, you may also need to take the mother's lap. Not all main lugs are mounted on this type of car. This means extra costs for you. If you prefer a standard stroller that can be placed in a fully reclining position, you can easily use your baby for 0-6 months. You should keep in mind that the mother's lap is more important for the safety and comfort of your baby.
  • Travel System Baby Stroller: Such cars have many advantages as well as disadvantages. The most important feature is that they are more comfortable than all prams. From the newborn, you can easily use both the carrycot and the mother's lap. Of course, it is more expensive for this reason. They are not as light and polite as canes. This is why you should always consider your luggage capacity when choosing this type of car. The large wheels and shock absorbers give you easier driving pleasure if you are driving for long hours or on rough roads. Another feature is the two-way driving. If a classic travel system is cumbersome for you, you can choose a cane-type travel system.
  • Cane Type Baby Stroller: These are the most advantageous cars in terms of space saving, light weight, practicality and suitability for every budget. However, the comfort is slightly less. There are two types: standard cane car and cane travel system car. Since some cane-type cars do not fully seat, you may not be able to use them from the newborn, but you may need to take the mother's lap. It is important to note whether the mother's lap can be mounted in the stroller. Walking stick travel systems will be the exact one for this need.
  • Jogging Baby Strollers: Today, the importance of sport is increasing and parents want to go for long walks or jogging with their children. This type of car is ideal because of its high comfort and comfortable driving. You can relieve the stress of the day while your baby is comfortable in his car. Some models are available from the newborn as the main lug is available.
  • Twin Baby Stroller: There are two types of this type of prams. In one, babies can sit side by side, while in the other, they sit on both sides.

Whether your stroller is a travel system or a cane type, it is important that you meet your needs and expectations while providing the comfort of your baby. The most important thing you should not forget is to see and try the car in the store. We wish you a good trip.

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