Precise care guide for premature babies!

Precise care guide for premature babies!

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The contribution of skin contact to the development of the child is greatIn premature infants, the hospitalization process may involve a long period. The discharge time of a baby born at 26 weeks is at least 12 weeks. For this reason, premature infants who grow up in the hospital process need more parenting than infants born in time. Kangaroo care, skin-to-skin contact, because parents are closer to their babies, skin-to-skin contact and the development of the child's contribution to the development of the child is very much.

Premature babies should be checkedIn premature babies, tests performed differently from other babies are of great importance for detecting any future problems. The most important of these tests are applied to sensory organs. The first eye examination is very important for premature babies who have completed 32 weeks or have spent the first six weeks after birth but have not yet been 32 weeks old. Hearing tests should be performed when premature babies approach discharge. Hearing waves that occur in the brain during the test, called BERA, which are different from the hearing test performed to babies born in time, are measured. In babies born at 25-26 weeks of age, the test should be repeated when the baby is six months old. Since all sensory organs go to the central brain, the developmental follow-up of the brain should be performed regularly.

Home care is importantParents need to master premature infant care at home and learn what to look out for at home. For example, if the baby is discharged in winter, parents should know what to do to prevent flu and upper respiratory tract infections. With the cocoon strategy approach, the infant or flu vaccine should be given to the parents and the premature baby should be protected as a cocoon. In addition to all these, the most important is to ensure that premature babies are healthy individuals who have been brought into the society for life.

Week is the most important criterion in premature
Babies born before completing 37 weeks are called “premature babies.. The most important criterion in premature babies is the number of weeks the baby was born. Because the problems experienced by the babies vary according to the week they were born. Babies born between 22-25 weeks are babies who are at the limit of living. Those who are born between 26-30 weeks are called advanced premature, babies who are born between 30-34 weeks are premature and those who are born between 34-37 weeks are called late premature babies.Plenty of mothers lap-The relationship with the baby should continue from the days of hospitalization. -The incubator can not be held in the lap when holding his head or finger, eye contact can be started by establishing a relationship. - You can start breastfeeding trials when it is appropriate week. - Massage can be done at home to increase contact with the baby. Massage relaxes the baby, makes the muscles work, strengthens your relationship.-Keeping it in contact with your naked skin in your lap relaxes your baby.

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