How to deal with sexual problems after birth?

How to deal with sexual problems after birth?

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Postpartum it would not be wrong to say that changes affect women the most. Birth can cause many important problems such as dyspareunia and vaginismus, especially sexual reluctance. In fact, men are affected by this situation, although not as much as women. While they are getting used to a new order, problems begin in their sexual lives.

Loss of sexual desire

Sexual aversion and loss of erection are the most common postpartum males sexual problems Creating. What factors underlie sexual problems after birth and what are the treatment methods? Psychiatry Specialist Dr. Acibadem Polyclinic Etiler and Sexual Dysfunctions Center. Ozay Ozdemir gave. Sleepless nights after birth, repeated breastfeeding process every two to three hours, the baby's frequent illness, the family's life can be completely upset. However, until then only focus on each other couples, almost all the attention after the child is directed to the child. On the one hand, the tension of trying to adapt to a new life, on the other hand the lack of attention from his wife caused by the lack of interest in the sexual unwillingness leads to the formation.

Aesthetic Concerns

After birth hormone prolactin, which is more secreted and plays a major role in breastfeeding. loss of sexual desire and causes vaginal dryness. Naturally, the woman is experiencing sexual reluctance during the breastfeeding period when this hormone is secreted excessively. Considering that the concept of family is added to the image of the sexual partner with the birth of the baby, especially women can sanctify the role of motherhood more than necessary and approach the sexuality more closely after birth.

Psychiatrist. Özay Özdemir points out that aesthetic concerns play a very important role in the problems of sexual reluctance that arises after childbirth and says: In addition, the man who does not find his wife as well-groomed as he used to go away from sexual life ”
Breasts and vagina are the two most important areas that excite the man in sexual life. With these births, these regions can no longer be an incentive.

Vagina and breasts, which are perceived only as sexual stimulation points until birth, suddenly turn into areas that provide the birth and nutrition of the baby and as a result, they may move away from the male partner. In addition, the birth of the baby can trigger sexual conflicts that the woman or man have suppressed until then, and these problems can lead to sexual reluctance.


Dyspareunia, sexual intercourse repetitive or continuous genital pain. Women who suffer from this problem, avoid the relationship with the fear of pain. Even very severe pain can cause vaginismus. The most important cause of dyspareunia after birth is to have sexual intercourse before the birth of the woman. In addition to this, another reason is that women who experience sexual reluctance have arousal problems during intercourse and vaginal areas do not get enough wetting. Dryness in the vagina also leads to dyspareunia, painful sexual intercourse. As a result, sexual reluctance is exacerbated and thus a vicious circle is formed.


Vaginusmus is defined as the tightening of the vaginal muscles in such a way as to prevent penetration of the penis. For example, a woman who is worried that she will feel pain again during sexual intercourse may involuntarily contract herself as an avoidance behavior. Another reason is the anxiety, fear and anxiety that arise from the revival of conflicts in the spiritual world of women. Creating.

How is it treated?

The treatment of sexual problems depends on the underlying cause. Sometimes it is beneficial to work together with a gynecologist and psychiatrist. If there's a problem with the man, the urologist can get in. First, it is determined what kind of problems women and men experience in their inner world.


After determining the factors that cause sexual problems, double sexual therapy can be applied, breathing and relaxation exercises and some sexual exercises are given. Generally, successful results can be obtained after 6-12 weeks. In addition to this, intense individual psychotherapy is recommended with medical treatment in the forefront of suppressed mental conflicts in the inner world of men or women.

Men's World

What happens in the world of men after birth? Men's Sexual Reluctance What other types of problems does it encounter?

• Men also have problems with arousal (erectile dysfunction, premature or late ejaculation), particularly sexual reluctance.
• Occasionally, pain may occur in the penis during sexual intercourse.
• Factors such as adaptation to new life, changes in women's body and changes in the image of sexual regions play a role in the source of sexual problems that occur in men.
• However, postpartum sexual problems are much less common in men than in women kadınlar.

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