Being a mother

Being a mother

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Being a mother is an important turning point in life. Expecting to be a mother is a difficult process. During this process, some worries are experienced by every prospective mother. Diagnosis Education and Psychological Counseling Psychological Counselor Işın Akı offers some suggestions for expectant mothers.

Pregnancy is a very interesting period. In a closed box, the mother and father candidates wonder curiously about who the baby will look like and the health of the baby. With the dreams of growth, the baby's movement in the abdomen, gender, room, clothes, schools to be read in the future, profession to choose, and so on. dream about. Who knows, maybe you share the same feelings. The baby and mother become the center of attention not only of the father, but of everyone. Family, friends, everyone watches the baby's movements, they start to bring gifts. They create albums from the baby's ultrasound images. When the environment is so concerned, the mother and father experience different feelings. Işın Akı says: “The parents perceive everything about the baby in the environment selectively. He sees cute babies wandering around and feels sympathy. He compares it with his own child. dreams. The expectant mother also experiences this feeling differently from her husband. She wants her husband to take care of the same things and feel, but it is not possible. When a poor child sees a feeling of crying, etc…. He makes plans for the birth of the baby, and he is afraid of the birth. Which birth is better, without risk, etc.… investigates. ”

Pregnant mother's worries

With the learning of the reality of pregnancy, many expectant mothers enter into difference behaviors. How Does? Işın Akı gives the following examples: anne A mother who does not care about many things in terms of health can dress more tightly so that the baby does not get cold, and take care to eat and drink. However, after all, two-person life after birth will be a three-person mother may fear uncertainty. Stress is more common in mothers who have babies. The mother invests emotionally in her baby. thing is for baby. Many mothers during pregnancy, the baby begins to move home search, move, change the goods also enters the period.

Mom and dad give different reactions

The idea of ​​a baby brings new excitement, purpose, beauty to the family. Everyone in the family mobilizes for the baby. Research shows that babies of mothers who have peaceful, happy pregnancy have less sleep problems and have less gasses. In this respect, it is very important to have a good pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should carry the tensions and worries as above. The most obsessed issue for the mother-to-be is the reaction of the father to the baby. I wonder if he likes, will take care of, or if I will take care of the baby alone. However, this should not be considered too much. See what Işın Flux says about the subject: gör He sees himself as a composite container with his parents. He thinks that whatever I feel, how he reacts, he should. But women are focused, why men are sonuç .Yes… .but… mother-oriented.

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