Breastfeeding Guide for Working Mothers

Breastfeeding Guide for Working Mothers

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Breastfeeding process, in which mothers establish special communication with their babies, supports the baby's brain development. VKV American Hospital Specialist for Child Health and Diseases View Hilda's Full Profile studies also show that breastfeeding reduces the risk of diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

What are the Benefits of Breastfeeding for the Baby?

Breastfeeding is a very special process where the mother and the baby can stay alone and talk with their eyes. The closest contact with the baby can be achieved by breastfeeding. Breast milk with an excellent and unique nutritional content protection of the baby from microbial diseases it has a big role.

Recent studies have shown that breastfeeding supports the baby's brain development; obesity and diabetes.

What are the benefits of breastfeeding to the mother?

Postpartum in nursing mothers less bleeding; breast and ovarian cancer, bone resorption diseases are also seen to a lesser extent.

The right start for a successful breastfeeding process is very important. The instinct to feed the baby sometimes brings intense anxiety in mothers. In this period, it is very important to instill confidence in the mother, to remove from negative thoughts and to support.

During breastfeeding, mothers need one-to-one support. That's why we thought of you and prepared a breastfeeding guide to guide you.

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What are your recommendations for successful breastfeeding?

  • Mothers should prepare themselves psychologically for breastfeeding and know that breastfeeding is a matter of patience.
  • Breastfeeding should be started within the first half hour as soon as the baby is born without waiting for the milk to arrive. The baby should never be given sugar water during this period.
  • Babies should be breastfeeded without any time limitation if they cry or ask for milk from birth. Babies who sleep more than 3 hours in the first weeks should be breastfed, albeit by arousing.
  • Make sure that the baby is correctly placed in the breast. To do this, the baby should fully open its mouth and completely absorb the brown area around the nipple. The baby's jaw should be embedded in the breast and the lower lip should be slightly bent outward.
  • Feeding baby food, sugar water and other nutrients before or after breastfeeding should be avoided.
  • During the breastfeeding period, the baby should not be given a bottle and even the pacifier should not be used in the first weeks in order to prevent suckling.
  • As in pregnancy, mothers should take care of themselves, balanced
  • should consume 2-3 liters of liquid a day. Mothers should also be sufficiently rested and should take half from their spouse and around to keep their morale high.What are your recommendations for breastfeeding mothers?
  • A well-absorbing machine should be obtained.
  • If the mother has too much milk, she should express a small amount of milk at least once a day before starting work.
  • It should provide a suitable environment for milking in the workplace. The necessary permissions must be obtained for this matter.
  • Milked every 3-4 hours should be kept in the refrigerator; When transported to the house, it should be carried in a bag with special cooler between the ice molds.
  • The obtained milk can be stored in the refrigerator bags for 24 hours, in the freezer of the two-door refrigerator for 3 months and in the freezer for 6 months. The milk in the milk storage bag can be heated in a container filled with warm water before being given to the baby.
  • Heated milk; spoon, small plastic goblets produced for this purpose should be given to the baby. If the baby does not receive milk in this way, a bottle can also be used.
  • For a sense of intimacy, mothers can take the baby's picture or a piece of clothing to the workplace.
  • Mothers should breastfeed their baby when leaving home and as soon as they return from work.

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