Characteristics of Turkish Mother

Characteristics of Turkish Mother

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They did not say that paradise is under the feet of mothers. An entity that carries us for 9 months in its belly, that is to say, not eating and eating, dressing, dressing in the morning when we are fired, happy with our happiness and devoting our lives to our children! But sometimes this love does not give us difficulties. The scientific facts about the Turkish mother that you will not find anywhere in the world, but that you will say kı just like my mother erek, saying that we cannot understand without a mother!

No matter how much you eat, you never get enough of it!

Turkish mothers are never convinced that you are full. Not necessarily that plate will be finished, will be eaten all kinds. You want a slice, you find 3 slices on your plate. The mother touched the food, not the harmful food you eat outside!
2. Turkish mothers are meticulous. You can't do what you want inside the house!

No matter how old you are, your room isn't just your space.

You can't do anything you want, you can't eat junk food carelessly and leave your things around. However, no matter how much you oppose it, the Turkish mother, who cannot withstand the clutter and pollution, will clean everything up and collect all the mess in the room! It is also possible that you cannot find an item you need, even though you have turned the room upside down.

3. You will never grow in their eyes…

They'il never admit you've grown up. Even if you're a big lad, they can tell people your shameful memories and love you as if you were a baby. Don't see much, she is a Turkish mother!

4. You can never do anything hidden from them!

So to speak, they do not swallow ash. So you're going to study at Marve's tonight! Look at these eyes, does he ever swallow?

5. They are soft-hearted, they can never stand their children!

Do you want something very much sa Although it is difficult to deceive the Turkish mother, you can do anything if you touch her feelings. A few intimate conversations will get you what you want.

6. You will never grow up to leave the house!

Underage is not enough for Turkish mothers. The phrase “I will go home separately eve is not in their literature. They always want to be at their knees. Even if you get married, you'll eat up some of the delicious dishes that come every week.

7. “Don't believe the man is lying, he's actually with his brother's friend!”

That series and movies can never be watched silently. Certainly in the form of a monologue is interpreted, the truth is explained to the player who is not aware of the truth. Otherwise, that cotton heart can't bear to be a partner!

8. No matter if she is a girl or a man, she cannot bear you.

You may have done something wrong with your mother or made a wrong decision about your life. And the Turkish mother is sorry, yes! But the angel beneath that resentful expression continues to try for your sake.

9. You have to live up to what your neighbor thinks!

When you think about everything you do or buy, you should not miss the neighbor. The Turkish mother is sensitive about this. Oh, don't talk to the neighbor's mouth!

10. They have the instinct of excessive protection.

The Turkish mother is like the guardian angel of her child. They always have their minds. If he sees a mother who thinks the child is cold and is forced to wear cardigans or socks, he is a Turkish mother!

11. Never blink before you come!

If you want to watch a match with your friends, if you want to go to the movies with girls. Whatever the time, Turkish mothers never blink before their children return home.

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