8 Month Baby Feeding

8 Month Baby Feeding

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8 Month Baby Feeding

Hello to everyone! Your baby is already 8 months old!

Everything you wonder about your baby's nutrition in this article, read on 🙂

Your baby at 8 months self-eating habits starts to win. This month is a very important time for your baby. Your baby will be more interested in supplementary foods at 8 months.

You should allow your baby to feed on its own when feeding with additional food at 8 months. In fact, in these months, baby-led nutrition (BLW), we call the method, you can add a little to your baby's life. You can examine the baby-led feeding method in more detail.

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Studies have found that baby-led feeding supports both the biological and movement system.

I suggest you give him a chance at this time. Additional food during the transition period of infants you can let them take care of food, nibble, smell and take it to their mouths.

You can follow the bırak free but follow ”philosophy in these months.

Meal Counts and Nutritional Frequencies in 8-Month Infant Nutrition

How Much Should An 8 Month Old Baby Eat?

You're wondering, aren't you? 🙂 Let's examine it together

The most important nutrients for 8 months old baby are breast milk, breast milk the formula is not food. In addition, 1-3 meals supplements It should come.

6 and 7 months, as well as breast milk or formula formula, additional foods should be snacks.

An 8-month-old baby can be fed every 3-3.5 hours.

What can an 8 month old baby eat?

In addition to months 6 and 7,

6 Month Baby Feeding

7 Month Baby Feeding


Calcium is very important for bone development and strong teeth. Cheese is a good calcium and protein stores.

In the 7th month you can give your baby a small amount of cheese. Here are the points to be aware of salty and soft cheese.

Curd cheese It can be quite a nourishing choice for your baby.

You can also make your baby a nutritious, healthy cheese at home.

Tarhana, Lentil and Meal Soup

In the 7th month, you can slowly start giving soup to your baby.

You should also pay attention to this issue, having homemade soups and into Do not add salt. We do not recommend ready-made soups because there are many additives in ready-made soups.

See our article on cereal foods and benefits for babies.

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Tarhana pretty for babies feeder and satisfying the food is. Contains A, B group vitamins, calcium, iron and zinc minerals. Tarhana protein and carbohydrate sourcelycopene nutrients.

For your baby health store I have a suggestion for you about tarhana. You can give Hammm baby tarhan to your baby with peace of mind. Zero sugar, abundant protein, traditional and completely natural. Moreover, the salt level is at the level determined by the World Health Organization. You can easily access this product from the ebebek website or on the shelves.


Lentils, content iron, protein, phosphorus, vitamin B and folic acid Hosts. It is a powerful source of antioxidants and thus supports the immune system.

Thanks to the phosphorus in its content, intelligence development of infants positive effects. You can add lentils to your baby's nutrition from the 8th month.

Lentils may not want to be given to babies with the concern that it makes gas. I have a few suggestions for you.

To prevent gas problem in your baby your first choice from red lentils Since you can use. Red lentils are cooked faster and softer. If you want to use green lentils, I recommend that you keep the green lentils in water overnight.

Supplementary food transition periodlentils, you can give your baby in the form of soup and mash.

Minced Vegetable Dishes

Red meat is a very important iron sourceand the iron in red meat is very easy to absorb.

From 8 months on to your baby red meat in the form of minced meat you can start giving it to your baby.

The point you should pay attention to is that the minced meat should be tiny and not passed through the rundo.

Minced meat can be added to vegetable dishes or soups.

Hammm time from our videos minced baby tarhana soup You can watch our video.

Prohibited Foods Before 1 Year

I made a list of you by writing tiny notes about why they are forbidden before 1 year old forbidden foods.

Attention! Every baby is special, I suggest you consult your doctor who follows your baby's development before giving the nutrients.
  • Honey (because it contains clostridium botulinum spores)
  • Salt (kidney damage, can cause obesity)
  • Sugar (may cause metabolic disorders)
  • Egg White (allergy potential is very high)
  • Strawberry (allergy potential is high)
  • Kiwi (allergy potential is high)
  • Seafood (due to heavy metal content and allergy)
  • Drinks containing caffeine (may cause kidney damage)
  • Chocolate, cocoa (due to added sugar, allergies, additives)
  • Tomatoes, pods (allergy potential is high)
  • Canned food and ready-to-eat foods (containing additives)
  • Tea (can cause anemia problem)
  • Non-natural juices (sugar added in most, additive available)
  • Salami, sausage, sausage and so on. (contains chemicals)
  • Cow milk

You can review our article on prohibited foods before 1 year of age.

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8 Month Baby Feeding Table

When he wakes up:Breast milk

Breakfast:Egg yolk + curd cheese 

Meal: Breast milk

Lunch: Vegetable soup + bread

Meal:Breast milk

Meal:Yogurt + apple

Dinner:Vegetable soup

Meal:Breast milk

All Night:Breast milk

Attention! This list may vary for each baby. As with babies who suck very often, there may be babies who love feeding in a wider range. For infants who cannot receive breast milk, breast milk places can be replaced with formula formula.

If you want to follow your baby's development, you can click.

Leave a comment below this article to share your experiences with us. If you have any questions, you can ask our questions and answers.


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