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Unknown About Babies

Unknown About Babies

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When our baby is born, we learn something new every day, but we're sure you've heard it from very few people! 🙂

  1. What do you say you use about 8,000 diapers until you give your baby toilet training? Do you believe? J

  2. The number of bones of babies is different from ours, and there are about 300 bones, and as the baby becomes adult, the bones merge and decrease in number.
  3. Yeah, when babies are born, they really look like an empty plate! So far, there's no bacteria in your body!
  4. The first color the baby can distinguish is red, when they are born they see it as black and white.
  5. What if we told you that the premature baby is more likely to be left-handed?
  6. Kneecaps are not present when babies are born.
  7. Newborn babies do not shed tears when crying. J

  8. They can't taste salt until they're 4 months old.

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