Don't worry about unnecessary pregnancy

Don't worry about unnecessary pregnancy

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Stop unnecessary worries during pregnancy

You're always thinking about your baby from the moment you know you're gonna be a mother. Perhaps you're often worried about her health. However, many questions that are preoccupied with pregnancy often go beyond a trivial concern.

Orum I confess that I am a human being. However, after learning that I was pregnant, this situation became much more serious. I stopped drinking coffee. I left the kitchen while the microwave was working. In order not to spend too much time in front of the computer, I tried to write my hand by hand. Especially after the 5th month, I have become worse and worse between the confused looks around me. ”” Or are you worried about this and similar? However, you should know that; Although it is good to think about your health, it is absolutely not right to do everything so much trouble. Here are the 10 most worried mother candidates aday

1) Sexual intercourse
Having sex during pregnancy is not harmful to the expectant mother and the baby. During pregnancy, sex is more important than security. If you have a physical difficulty establishing relationships as your abdomen grows, you can change your position. Do not think that your partner's sexual organ will harm the baby because it is safe in the womb. Do not have sex only if your doctor does not allow for various reasons

2) Drug use
Do not embrace the drug for every headache and cold. However, if you really need it, consult your doctor in consultation. If you have a chronic condition, try to get pregnant under the supervision of a doctor. Do not try to take medicine after deciding whether to conceive yourself.

3) Heavy lifting
Carrying shopping bags or children does not pose any problems provided it is not too heavy. However, it is accepted that it is more accurate to give your weight to your legs by taking power from your knees while carrying.

4) Using a computer
Research on this subject shows that there is no risk of sitting and working in front of a computer. A study of 700 babies whose work is computer-related in the United States draws attention with the absence of congenital or low weight problems.

5) Supine sleep
As expectant mothers who read books about pregnancy know very well, it is absolutely not right to lie on their back after 6 months. The weight of the growing uterus can affect the veins that carry blood from the legs to the heart by pressing the veins. Even if this causes a slight dizziness and a drop in blood pressure, it is not considered a major risk for the baby.

6) Using a microwave oven
All studies on the use of microwave ovens show that there is no risk because these devices are considered to be unable to emit radiation. In addition, a study of pregnant mice in the United States proves that microwave ovens have no negative effect on pregnancy.

7) Exercise
Sports, undoubtedly not only strengthens the immune system, but also removes some problems that may occur in pregnancy. However, swimming, walking, simple gymnastics are considered appropriate exercises provided that they do not overdo it. However, if you are a woman who has never exercised before pregnancy, it is not right to start exercising during this period. However, the movements taught in the courses especially for pregnant women are important for mother and baby health.

8) Pets feed
Pregnant women need to pay attention to this, as it may cause parasitic toxoplasmosis (cat, animal feces, saliva and secretions, and human-transmitted disease), which are likely to be found in the feces of cats. If this is taken into consideration, there is no harm in feeding the pets who are fully immunized and well cared for at home.

9) Hair dyeing Even if you have dyed or permed your hair before knowing that you were pregnant, you never have to worry about it. Kiss. Dr. Altay Gezer, 3 months of pregnancy after having the hair and dyeing up to two times does not carry any risk in terms of health, he says. However, at this point, it is necessary to know well whether the chemicals in the paint harm the baby.

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