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What Could Be My Baby's Weight Loss?

What Could Be My Baby's Weight Loss?

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What Could Be My Baby's Weight Loss?

Parents may not know much about baby care when they become new parents. They may wonder what the normal growth rate of babies is and when it will slow down. In fact, the answer depends on many factors, from the body type of the baby to whether it is mobile or not.

Of course, how you feed your baby is an important reason. I try everything, but still “baby is gaining weightEndiş If you are concerned, it is useful to consult a pediatrician.

What is the Baby's First Year's Weight?

Babies have an average body weight shortly after birth. 3-10% They lost. This weight is regained after 2-3 weeks. You do not have to worry about this weight loss.

Weight at birth doubles in 4 months; 13th month for boys and 15th month for girls.

We should remember that each baby is special, that all babies complete their development in different ways, and that these statements are general.

First Days

All babies lose weight after birth, regardless of what and how they feed.

Babies between 4-6 months from birth, whether breast-fed or formula-fed milk will grow almost the same rate. The length and head circumference of both groups of infants are the same, but breastfed babies gain less weight.

Body Type

Im My baby doesn't gain weight, why?” mothers, did you pay attention to your baby's body type? Some babies are naturally long and thin. With baby like thisr gets less weight; but they will grow faster.

Babies with shorter and more rounded structures will tend to gain weight quickly; but they will grow more slowly.

Animated Babies

Curious babies are on the move to explore the environment. For this burn extra calories and they are weaker than infants who are less mobile. Calm babies weigh more.

Follow the Growth Chart!

My baby is gaining weightIf you're worried, check how often you change your baby's diaper in one day. Because she's hungry whether you cry 8 to 12 times a day or see how he / she tells you that he / she is hungry with other signals.

You can follow your baby's weight and height for the first 6 months from our height-weight scale.

Click on the link below to access our ruler!

// www. / Male baby-girl-in-height-weight-ruler /

Growth charts are often used to monitor and evaluate a baby's growth.

My baby does not gain weight, does not feed enough?

Mothers who feel that their baby is not gaining enough weight are worried that their baby is not getting enough breast milk. They say babies persistently gain weight. Here are some signs that the mother's milk is enough for her baby:

  • 5 small dense wet cloths in 24 hours or 6-8 very wet diapers exchange is required.
  • Light colored urine also proves that there is sufficient milk consumption. If your baby's urine is dark and fragrant, it means that milk intake is not enough.
  • Good sized soft poops are also necessary for control. Babies under 6-8 weeks, the size of their palm 2 times or more defecations is necessary. The frequency of pooing may decrease in later periods.
  • We mentioned that the baby lost weight after birth. Then they start to gain weight again. Does your baby wear clothes comfortably? Did they start squeezing? If the clothes are getting smaller, we can say you've had enough milk.
  • If your baby's purple skin returned to normal on the day of birth and wrinkles diminished and full, we can say that your baby is fed enough.

If your baby is an appetite by clicking on the link below Recommendations for an appetite baby You can review our article.

// www. / Anorexic-babies-Price-oneriler /

My baby is gaining weight You can watch our video.

I have milk but my baby doesn't gain weight!

My baby gets enough breast milk. Well, my baby is not gaining weight, why is that? You have observed signs that your baby is getting enough milk.

your baby weight less, wrinkled and loose skin The underlying cause may be a medical problem. This is the cause of slow weight gain. Conditions that may affect weight gain:

  • Common cold and urinary tract infections
  • Vomiting (eg pyloric stenosis or severe reflux)
  • Sensitivity to foods consumed by the mother

You should take your baby to a pediatrician if weight gain has stopped or is very low due to such circumstances. My baby gets enough breast milk, but baby is gaining weight.

Some adults are congenitally petite. If your baby looks happy and healthy and your baby's development is usually at the lower limits of the growth chart, but if he gets enough milk and fulfills developmental turning points (turning his head to sound, holding his hands to his mouth, keeping his head upright without support) Neden Why don't babies gain weight? ” The answer may be due to familial factors.

As a result, the baby of short parents will also be genetically short.

What are the ways to open your baby's appetite?

Among breast-fed babies, they voluntarily drink milk and sleep with their mother. babies with breastfeeding overnighthave been observed to grow faster than infants forced to follow a feeding program. Forcing babies is irrelevant.

Your baby basically needs a few simple: Breast milk sleeping and the most important thing love.
  • Observe your baby rather than force-feeding him at certain times. It will give you some signals when it gets hungry. Try to feed him in such moments.
  • Some babies are highly affected by light and noise. They fight to avoid feeding even when they are hungry. If your baby forces you to look around instead of feeding, you can try turning off the lights.
  • your baby Try breastfeeding in different positions. So you can find the appropriate method of breastfeeding for your baby and you.
  • Play with your baby. You can make your little baby play with toys and get tired of it. As your child grows up, get out and get fresh air. An active baby will consume more milk.

My Baby's Weight Slowed, Why?

My baby's development was normal, but suddenly my baby less weight take started. What could be the reason?

  • Is there any change in your baby's behavior? For example, it can now sleep longer and postpone feeding.
  • Are you breastfeeding when your baby is hungry or are you forcibly feeding at certain times? Forcing can reduce appetite.
  • Mom, is he under stress? While some women are under stress, babies are also affected by them and their desire to suck may be reduced.
  • You may have used a medicine that could reduce milk production. You may be pregnant. These may cause a decrease in your milk supply.
  • Is your baby sick? Even a mild cold can prevent nutrition and weight gain for a week or two.

Let's observe a little!

It is normal for a breastfeeding baby to lose weight in 3-4 months.

Very sudden weight change; If your baby looks happy, it is best to wait and observe what will happen if the growth values ​​and development are healthy.

Babies often have nutritional needs. When switching to solid food gradually give extra food at each feeding hour; however, keep in mind that your baby's stomach is about the size of a fist. Excessive food may vomit excess food. Increasing the frequency of meals will be an effective way to encourage your baby to eat more.

During the first 6 months of feeding, breastmilk or formula milk is the necessary method for your baby. For the first 6 months of your baby's feeding, you can review the 0-6 month baby feeding article. You can click on the link below to reach the article easily.

// www. / 0-6-month-baby-feeding

The importance of solid food increases as your baby approaches his first age. My baby is gaining weightIf you say, first feed with solid foods, then give breast milk or formula milk. You can review our article for 6 month baby feeding. Click on the link below to access the article!

// www. / 6 month-old infant-feeding /

If you've increased your baby's frequency of eating and replaced some of the milk drinking sessions with solid foods, and yet your baby still doesn't gain weight, it's time to go to a pediatrician.

Why babies don't gain weight to find the answer to your doctor, your baby will help by doing examinations.

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