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18 Month Infant Development

18 Month Infant Development

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  • Spoon and fork can start to gain the habit of using.
  • He can walk fast or even run. 🙂
  • Can use about 40 words.
  • It can show you when you ask any point on your body.
  • By recognizing the objects in the pictures they can tell you what they are.
  • Now you can understand it when you don't ask him to do something, but we can't promise whether or not to listen to you. 🙂
  • With age-appropriate toys can be lingered for more time than before.

18 Month Baby Feeding

Choose natural, untreated healthy foods. Try to get fresh, seeing and selecting fresh, vegetable and fruit. The most useful foods that must be eaten Try to give your baby from each food group instead of making a definition. Each one has different substances that meet the needs of your baby and your body.

While giving your baby different and various nutrients you need to pay attention to these foods to be healthy. Pastry, pasta, fried potatoes, rice, chocolate and ice cream is among the children's favorite foods. The sooner you introduce these foods to your baby, the better. When you introduce your baby to these foods, it is important to ensure that they rarely consume them. You can read all the details about 18 month old baby feeding.

18 Months Old Baby Recipes

Here are a few recipes you can apply to your baby:

How Much Weight Should An 18 Month Old Baby Have?

The 18-month-old baby girl weighs an average of 9000 grams and the 18-month-old baby boy weighs an average of 9500 grams.

If you think your baby is gaining weight and you are wondering why, my baby is gaining weight, why? You can read our article.

18 Months Baby Height How Many cm Should Be?

  • 18 months old baby girl height limit: 75 cm
  • 18 month old baby girl height upper limit: 86 cm
  • 18 months old baby boy height lower limit: 77 cm
  • 18 months old baby boy height upper limit: 87 cm

18 Month Baby Sleep

Your baby can now sleep much more regularly than before. Therefore, if you have problems with sleep, you can start to sleep training.

In this period, the tales you will tell slowly start to attract his attention. For this reason, you can read books and tell fairy tales for an 18-month-old baby to sleep. Creating a sleep routine is more valuable than anything else. Together with your baby, determine the routine that works best for you and make sure to tell her that it is time to sleep.

The 18-month-old baby can sleep for an average of 12-13 hours. However, this may vary from baby to baby.

How Can I Keep My Baby Away From Television?

With the uprising of your baby, a period will begin in the house where it goes beyond the limits you set. The situation that many mothers complain about during these periods is the baby's interest in television, tablet or phone.

Remember, it is in your hands to reduce this interest. If you take care of your baby instead of technological tools and entertain him with a variety of games that will interest you; away from television.

For example, take your favorite character and interest on TV as a toy and play with him in a tiny voice at home. This live show will be more interesting than television. 🙂

It is observed that babies who watch too much television or are exposed to the screen, their ability to play alone and their imagination decrease.

18 Month Infant Development

We are now in a period when he is thoroughly exploring the environment, walking and even running. During this period, your baby will encounter and meet many new concepts. Where you take her for a visit as a mother and father, the people you are with should be chosen more carefully than before. Because your baby's emotions are clear and they can understand that people are good and bad. 🙂

The development of social skills is one of the best foundations for a baby. Often with him to strengthen his must communicate eye to eye and, if possible, bring together babies of their age. Although it may seem too small for you, it will begin to learn to share and be friends during these months.

The game is a must for development! Now you can play many games with your 18 month old baby. For example, no more nose-eye-lip You can have fun by asking him. 🙂

18 Months Old Baby Toys

18 month old babiesIf you're in the summer, you can ride and enjoy the parental-controlled bikes. If your baby's 18th month is winter and you have to do activities at home, you can start practicing with coloring books. He is also very interested in musical toys. During this period you can buy many musical and lighted toys that will contribute to the development of his intelligence.

Shopping Advice - Buy

For your 18-month-old baby, you can find toys that support the development of intelligence that you can find at ebebek, read other parents' reviews and buy them at affordable prices.

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