10 Tricks to Gaining Your Child's Eating Habits

10 Tricks to Gaining Your Child's Eating Habits

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10 Tricks to Gaining Your Child's Eating Habits

Nutrition is one of the vitality characteristics. As with all living things, humans get the energy they need to keep their vitality from food.

You parents are the key to healthy growth and development; balanced and adequate nutrition You know.

That's why we're aware that one of your most sensitive issues is feeding your baby. However, the issue of feeding children is a torture for most mothers.

The baby consumes the nutrients that the mother eats through the umbilical cord, from the birth of the egg and sperm to the formation of the zygote. For this reason, nutrition is completely under the control of the mother during pregnancy.

Considering that only breast milk or formula is used in the first six months; during this period babies who do not eat You will not have a problem with.

The real problem is that long period of time that begins with the transition to supplementary food and continues with childhood. Towards your baby eating habit If you can't win, this process can be stressful for you and troublesome for your baby.

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Why is it important for you to make your child a habit of eating?

Child not eating and the baby is a serious source of stress for parents. Even if your mini skip a meal or eat too little; it feels as if your baby couldn't grow up and get sick and my child does not eat you immediately panic, and the next meal, even if you try to push something into the mouth of the baby.

Your baby still doesn't want to eat? We advise you not to turn the situation into a power war. I know you're annoyed by your mother-in-law or your mother who says, lama Oh dear baby, babies who do not eat a meal or two will not starve. Çünkü right.

Under pressure from the early period, children who eat with force may have serious problems with eating in the future. Forced-fed children;

  • Diabetes, blood pressure and obesity can be seen.
  • These kids eat and eat just to please the mother. both psychological and physical While opening the door to many ailments, the opposite reaction to the mother may feel anger.
  • Every child has a certain eating limit. Push your child to the limits of his or her satisfaction; it may cause anger or subservience to authority in the future.
  • Especially 0-2 years, that is, if the babies who do not eat during the oral period are subjected to pressure by parents; in the future they are prone to addictive substances such as cigarettes and alcohol.

To avoid being affected by all these serious consequences, both children and infant feeding methods rather than being oppressive. Here are the tips to give your little ones the habit of eating;

Become a Role Model!

No matter how much you tell your baby the importance of feeding and the necessity of eating healthy food, these phenomena will remain in the air.

Your baby will learn what you do, not what you say, and imitate you.

After you tell your baby how harmful it is to drink cola, if you put kefir in front of him and drink cola yourself; you are inconsistent

In this case, your baby will prefer the easy instead of drinking kefir and trust will be shaken against you. If you want to give your baby a healthy eating habit, you should first obtain this habit yourself and apply it continuously.

Make sure the portions are suitable for your child's age!

If you put a large plate of soup to the brim and put it in front of your child, you will lose it from the beginning. Seeing the full plate, the baby realizes that he cannot finish the meal and spends all his energy on resisting instead of trying to eat a meal he cannot finish.

For this reason, it is important to prepare the portion amounts according to your baby's age without exaggerating.

Make sure to eat in designated areas of the house and at regular intervals!

Do not let children eat while playing games or watching TV. Children who eat by focusing on something else do not realize how much they eat, whether they are saturated.

The stomach expands over time as the stomach's eating limit is exceeded in children who continue to eat without knowing it.

This situation can cause obesity in some children, the process may develop the opposite. The child does not want to eat at all because he plunges into games or cartoons and can wait for minutes without chewing the mouthful.

We recommend that you always eat in the same place if you eat in the living room or kitchen table. If you take care to eat your meals in the same place and at the same times, the child will be conditioned to eat at that time the moment he sits at that table.

Do not hesitate to mix dishes!

Give a food he doesn't like to a food he likes. He doesn't like cauliflower, but does he love lentil soup? Cook the lentil soup by adding a small amount of cauliflower.

So after a while, the taste of cauliflower will become familiar to your baby and you can eat it without even having to mix it.

It is very important that you increase the amount slowly and without discernment. If you add too much to the exercise, this time he may also hate his favorite food.

Prepare Meal Together!

If you want to give your child the habit of eating, you should definitely involve him / her.

For example, you can decide together what to cook that day, and you can exchange food together. After preparing the meal, serve the table together.

Babies who do not eat will surely want to eat the food they prepare.

Sit at the table with your family and do not bring toys to the table!

If possible, take care to eat while all family members are together. Thus, the child who sees everyone eating, accepts that he should eat. One of the important points here is that there are no materials such as toys and books on the table that will distract them.

Your mini will insist on this. We advise you not to give up immediately but to resist. Convince your little one to play after dinner.

Give Chances to Choose!

Giving them a chance to choose is one of the ways in which babies eat. Does he have to eat vegetables? When you ask ‚ÄúThere are fresh beans and broccoli, which one do you want to eat? Seçerek with confidence your baby can eat it.

Make Him Eat Slow!

When we eat fast, we realize that we are saturated, and when we do, we are already full of stomachs, and the work is over. So, you parents, eat your food slowly so that your baby can follow your example and keep up with your tempo.

Children who eat slowly and enjoy eating are less likely to experience post-meal stomach pain, heartburn and nausea. This improves the child's positive attitude towards eating.

Do not use the meal as punishment or reward!

If you punish the child with a mistake not to eat, the child thinks that he may be left without food for a day. This thought encourages the child to eat every time he sees food, and even a child who is eating when he is full can become obese over time. Eating should not be used as a reward.

When you tell the child that he can eat his ice cream if he finishes his pea; the child thinks that ice cream is a very healthy food and develops negative feelings towards peas.

In addition, the child, who gets used to the award, will want to receive this award not only when he eats something he doesn't like but also to eat his favorite food. If there is no reward, the child will punish you by not even eating your favorite food.

Play Outdoors and Do Sports Together!

If your mini is resisting to eat and pushing you thoroughly; Make sure your mini needs food, that is, hungry. Hungry children can even eat something they don't like.

Since it is not the right method to starve your hungry, let him play outdoors, play moving games and play sports. Your tired child will get hungry and eat with appetite after these fun moments.

Every child is different and some habits are not achieved in the same time and in the same way in every child. During this process, which is very stressful for parents, eating habit you need to stay calm and apply these tips carefully.

Do not forget! If you fit your baby's character and make yourself a habit first, then your baby will join you after a while.

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