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If the child is entrusted to fathers!

If the child is entrusted to fathers!

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Children entrusted to fathers and the result!

The relationship that parents establish with their babies is often different. Since the people who meet the needs of their babies are mostly mothers, the sense of responsibility they feel is different from the fathers.

However, mothers cannot be with their babies at all times and have to entrust them to their father to get things done. Let's see what happens to our beloved babies in these situations! ?

   Let's see if this toy is nice. Ha ha ha, we're taking it!

   The child cried not necessarily swing, what should we do, father!

  Luckily he didn't fall to the floor!

   Let's have some fun until your mom gets here!

  Hahahaha what an ugly moon you are!

   No limits in service!

   Take that money and I'il get you some chocolate!   Did we take this kid from the fruit aisle?

I made it! I must immortalize this moment right now!

   Get your hair over there, so your mom doesn't get mad when she sees it!

We're not gonna hold it until we're done with milk?

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