Everything Worried About Normal Birth!

Everything Worried About Normal Birth!

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Everything Worried About Normal Birth!

We've been surprised to see a normal birth in recent years. That mother is now in our eyes, muscular arms to hold the baby in her arms, cloak and fly away as if it began to look strong.

It's not like a natural process of reproduction, but an unusual event. Come on, there's no need to be so scared, after all, our reproductive system has all the features that can do this.

If you like normal birth Let's take a look at the things that are curious about and what to know and let your fears be reduced a little.

Normal Birth

Every mother who gives birth to a baby thinks that her birth is normal. However, every world arrival is not natural.

Those who wonder how normal birth should not forget that; the birth of a baby without any artificial medical intervention to be natural vaginally must come to the world.

In the first stage, the water and the pain are expected to come, the uterus contractions with the arrival of pains at certain frequencies, and then the placenta is separated from the uterine wall and pushed into the vagina.

Simultaneously, the vagina begins to open after sufficient opening. I mean no to the mother until the baby is born. painkiller, effective medicine or anesthesia not allowed.

It should not be misunderstood that medical intervention is not performed here. Of course, it will be intervened when needed during delivery. However, the interventions that can be done in order for a baby to be born naturally should not be limited to;

  • In case of insufficient birth contractions the Syntocinon to provide birth by stimulating the smooth muscles of the uterus with the substance called
  • If the sac does not tear and the water does not come in spite of the birth, the doctor will tear the sac
  • To reduce the mother's pain give painkillers

Even if these interventions have been done, your genius baby is considered to have been born naturally.

What is Normal Birth in a Week? You can see our video on the subject.

What are the interventions that will bring your baby out of the normal birth category?

The following interventions during the birth of your baby will be unnatural.

  • Giving anesthesia or any drug to numb pain
  • Using oxytocin to induce artificial pain
  • To give epidural, spinal or general anesthesia
  • Taking the tiny off the cesarean section instead of the vagina
  • Taking the baby out of the vagina using a vacuum extractor or metal spoons
  • Using a birth incision to make the baby easier

Interventions such as these are methods that are considered as artificial medical intervention which are not natural during the birth of a baby. However, if your obstetrician needs it and you give your consent, assist vaginal delivery Of course, these methods can be used.

How We Know Birth Approach

To hold your mini, take approx. 9 months and 10 days as long as you need to wait. However, the number of women completing this period is small.

Most mothers Between 38 and 40 weeks they take their little cubs into their arms.

Since the date and time of birth is not clear how we know the birth is approaching?

Baby's Birth Channel

Your mini can be turned upside down to the cervix any week after the 3rd month. However, if the final time is approaching, it will birth canal (cervix) It descends.

Bu Relief in breathing with the disappearance of pressure to the descent diaphragm, with the increase in the pressure in the bladder frequent urination symptoms.

The lower the belly, the harder it is for you to walk, and not only you, but also the other individuals who look out from time to time.

If you want to get more detailed information you can click on the link below aşağıdaki

Infant's Birth Channel; // www. / Baby-birth-to-stroke channel /

Engagement Arrival

During pregnancy, a blood clot accumulates in the cervix and closes this area. This clot serves as a spigot to protect your uterus from external influences.

The plug opens 1-2 days before birth, causing a pinkish blood stain on your laundry. If you experience this bleeding, it is time to complete the last gaps.

Water Arrival

What is called the arrival of water is essentially the rupture of the amniotic sac in which the baby grows and develops.

There may be a few drops of incoming water, or there may be enough to give you the feeling that you have missed your urine. Those who are wondering how to know that birth is approaching may add this to the list.


If we add this to all the symptoms, it's time to prepare a little bit.

In the first place, it starts with low-intensity contractions at about 30-minute intervals.

When you feel these contractions, you should immediately begin to note the duration of the contractions and the time between the subsequent contractions.

Over time, the time between two labor pains decreases, while the duration of contraction will increase. After receiving a few data on labor call your doctor and provide detailed information about the situation.

Feeling Fit More Than Normal

Shortly before your baby is born, your body begins to make preparations. For 9 months Your body, which is prepared for today, has stored a lot of energy.

With the approach of the expected day, your body will release the energy. For this reason, some expectant mothers have more signs of feeling more energetic than before.

When Does Water Come? What should I do in case of water in pregnancy?

The arrival of water is one of the most powerful messengers you are about to enter into a normal birth. When you receive this mark, you should call your obstetrician to inform you about the amount, consistency, color and smell of the incoming water.

When the water comes If you say,

Approximately 24 hours before delivery, your amniotic fluid will rupture and fluid discharge will begin.

The arrival of water during pregnancy In case you calmly call your doctor to give information about the situation, get some rest, make sure that the household is making the final preparations to go to the hospital while you rest.

How Do I Distinguish Miscarriage Symptoms and False Contractions?

Not all the contraction of expectant mothers expecting to hold their baby in their arms is not in labor.

Sometimes contraindications braxton hicks contractions (false contractions).

Therefore labor pains symptoms braxton hicks and braxton hicks.

So you don't panic unnecessarily every time you don't stand up to the people in vain.

  • As the real pain begins from the lower back and progresses towards the groin, braxton hicks shows itself in the form of abdominal stiffness.
  • While labor pains come at regular intervals, false contractions come at irregular intervals.
  • If the contractions come at shorter intervals each time, last longer and become stronger, the symptoms of labor pains; if the severity of contractions does not increase braxton hicks symptoms are.
  • While the real symptom may be accompanied by bleeding and the arrival of water, there is no bleeding or water in pseudo-contractions.
  • It is a real labor pains if you get up and walk a little when the pain comes down, which reduces the severity of the pain and if you do not cause a decrease in your contractions.

Every mother-to-be wants to give birth to her baby in the most painless and effortless way. But people have been for thousands of years normal birth produced with.

You have to accept the fact that the natural thing is a bit difficult and painful. Keep in mind that our bodies are designed to withstand these pains and unless there is a different reason to prevent normal birth. from vaginal birth don't be afraid 🙂

The priority in this regard is what your doctor recommends for your baby and your health rather than what you want.

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