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Single and Double Egg Twins

Single and Double Egg Twins

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Do You Know About Gemini?

When the rate of having more than one child in a single birth is considered as multiple births in medical literature, it is seen that twin children, especially twin egg twins, are the most common.

One quarter of twins twin three quarters at birth fraternal twins as comes to the world.

the twinning Although the reasons are not yet known scientifically, it is a fact that genetic properties, hormonal structure and infertility treatment directly affect the outcome of births.

Fraternal twins

  • Fraternal twins they are also twins that are formed but are independent from each other and have different types and characters.
  • Separate Egg Twinsi is formed as a result of fertilization of two separate eggs formed by natural hormonal causes and infertility treatment by two different sperm.

Identical twins

We can also call identical twins real twins. These twins are formed by dividing the fertilized egg into two.

The division into two takes place within 2 to 17 days after egg fertilization. If this cleavage occurs after 13-15 days, the risk of conjoined births increases considerably.

Real twins it is like two identical copies of a person. Because they have different DNAs, they may like different things, but unlike twins, they often show similar sensitivity and response to all kinds of factors.

While identical twins share all the genes that determine IQ, this rate is 50 percent for twins. Therefore, identical twins are more likely to have the same level of intelligence.

As a result of the research conducted on thousands of twins, 85 percent of identical twins have the same intelligence, while this rate is 60 percent of twins.

Statistical research has shown that single egg twins are always same sex that they are very similar to each other, blood groups same, even when fingerprints are close to the same IQ'S to, health and even political views shows that they can have the same features.

You'll Be Surprised by These Stories About Gemini!

A study at the University of Minnesota shows that the twins' similarities are directly related to their environment as well as their genes.

After the birth of 60 twins separated from each other after the examination of behavior, personality and social life is noticeable similarities. James Arthur Springer and James Edward Lewis, who were adopted two months after their birth, came together 39 years after they separated.

The study found that both lived in Ohio for the rest of their lives, both married and separated from Linda, and remarried women. Both are related to technical drawing, their favorite subject is mathematics, and their dislike is grammar. They both consume equal amounts of alcohol and suffer from headaches at the same time of day.

The twins, Oskar Storh and Jack Yufe, are separated from each other 6 months after birth, while Oskar was raised as a Catholic in Germany, while in the Caribbean, Jack lived in Israel and became Jewish. Even long distances and different lifestyles between them cannot suppress their common characteristics. When they come together, it is seen that they both have similar speaking and thinking structure.

With all these stories, twins are both miraculous and very interesting, aren't they?

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