Things to consider when choosing baby clothing

Things to consider when choosing baby clothing

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Although it is revealed by the researches that the garment is one of the auxiliary elements in meeting the physiological and psychological needs of individuals and this issue should be taken into consideration from the childhood period, the diversity of baby clothes in today's mothers and mothers
It can be said that it originated from the desire to see their children in beautiful clothes. However, the main point that mothers and expectant mothers should pay attention in baby and children's clothing is the comfort and health of their children and the different developmental characteristics of the age periods.

The fact that mothers, especially expectant mothers expect their first baby to buy more clothes without considering the rapid physical development of the baby, is one of the mistakes made in choosing baby clothes. In the newborn age, babies cannot wear the clothes taken more than 1-2 times because they grow rapidly.

The most preferred baby clothing for babies of this age is the baby rompers. Baby jumpsuits, snaps bodysuits, pajama sets, T-shirts, socks and hats are among the must-have baby clothes; baby clothes, baby cardigans, baby pants and baby sweaters are also necessary for baby babies products. Also in the selection of baby clothes; The skin should be made of soft cotton fabric that will allow the baby to breathe, so that the baby will not be disturbed while wearing the baby, it will be comfortable to go through the head and provide the convenience to the person who changes the diaper.

The characteristics of the baby clothes to be taken for a newborn baby should have different characteristics than the ones in the newborn age. Considering that the baby has started to move and play games on his own, the choice of clothing during this period should be in the direction of comfortable clothes that provide the baby with freedom of movement. Again during this period, the desire of the babies to eat by themselves, their curiosity about the colorful objects and the creativity they will show in the game, it can also be easier for the mother to choose baby clothes made of stain-free fabric.

As they grow a little older, their own choices become important. The child would like the mother to consult her in choosing the color and model of her clothes. In addition, children should be encouraged to wear their own clothes during this period. Helping the child while getting dressed
damage the development and make it dependent on adult individuals. Therefore, choosing clothes that are easy to dress and undress makes the child's job easier and thus gives him the pleasure of having succeeded.

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