Correctly Known Mistakes in Child Health

Correctly Known Mistakes in Child Health

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There are many people who believe in urban legends about child health mis Are you one of them?

However, there are many misconceptions from the scientific point of view. Beril Flag Finder shares with you the wrong known about the health of children.

1- Cold or stay in the wind causes disease.

What we call a cold is actually caused by viruses.

It has nothing to do with children getting cold and staying in the wind. If so, children would get sick more often in cold climates, but this is not true. In winter children become more ill because viruses reproduce better. In addition, since people are always indoors, infection is easier.

2- Throat pain should not eat ice cream!

Throat infection has nothing to do with freezing.

Eating or drinking ice cream or other cold food does not cause sore throat or throat infection, and sore throat kötüleştirmez on.

3- If we give protective antibiotics in colds, we will prevent its progression.

This is not true.

Antibiotics do not work in virus-related infections and may even pave the way for the development of resistant infections.

Antibiotics are effective only against bacterial infection.

4- Sick children should not go out of the house.

Even when children are sick, it is best to take them outdoors! Remember ...

Antibiotics should be given when the nose flows green.

Viral runny nose, sometimes even allergies runny nose may also be green color from time to time.

If a sinus infection is diagnosed, antibiotics will be required.

6- Children with fever should be dressed.

In fact, the child with fever should lie with the diaper if possible. Dress up raises children's fever! This is a common misconception that is very common.

7- It is good to wipe the hot child with vinegar water.

Things like vinegar, alcohol, aspirin can absorb water from the skin and cause fluid loss!

Therefore, this information is not correct.

If we've talked about so much fever, if you want to learn more about fever and find out what to do when your baby gets fired, this article is for you: // www. / In your baby-ate-the-input to meet with them-you must do /

8- Sick child is not washed.

In fact, taking a bath relieves sick children and the steam in the bath is good for symptoms such as nasal congestion and cough. Therefore, the sick child is washed and this makes him very comfortable.

9- If the child is full of bronchi, coughing should not drink milk.

In fact, milk has nothing to do with the excretion of the respiratory system.

Since milk is both liquid and nutritious, it is a good food for the sick child.

Now that we know the wrongs we know about child health, how about learning the right mistakes about nutrition?

By sharing this article, you can inform your loved ones about the known mistakes.

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