How can I keep my baby away from junk food?

How can I keep my baby away from junk food?

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Natural and healthy nutrition is like insurance that protects us against diseases. But nowadays it is unnatural unhealthy eating and lifestyle is becoming increasingly common.

Unhealthy nutrition and exposure to toxic substances are the most important causes of cancer and many chronic diseases. Babies and children this toxic substances they are more affected.

Most mothers and fathers understand the importance of healthy eating once they have a baby and also improve their own diet.

Loading your baby in junk food that contains high calories and no nutritional value during the growth and development period, heavy fast food consumption adversely affects the diet and health.

We know how much you care about feeding your baby. Like any mother, you want your baby to eat healthily, but sometimes you can't break your baby or they are smart and they trick you.

And what other harm to junk food and fast food consumption do to your baby? Let's examine it together.

The Harm of Junk Foods to Your Baby

Malnutrition affects more children than adults in the age of growth and development.

Junk food, fast food style food No feeder value They do not. On the contrary, there are innumerable harm to your baby. They contain high calories. They lack vitamins and minerals, fiber and pulp that will benefit your baby.

Most importantly, this type of unhealthy foods contained high sugar and salt ratio.

The kidneys of newborns have not yet completed their development. Breastfeeding for the first 6 months In the transition to complementary nutrition after 6 months sugar and salt enough for them. added salt and sugar harmful to them!
  • If junk food is consumed frequently, it may cause unnecessary weight gain in your baby. obesity even cause.
  • Various types of junk food additives, unhealthy fats can cause various diseases in your baby. Hypertension, diabetes, and even cancer…
  • When your baby consumes junk food frequently, the sugar contained in junk food is addictive and increases your baby's desire to eat.
  • In the researches, frequent junk food consumption concentration and school performance also found to affect.
  • Junk food with high sugar content in your baby tooth decay It may cause.
  • High amounts of junk food oxycholesterol It contains. This increases your cholesterol risk of heart attack.
  • Frequent consumption of junk food reduces disease resistance and weakens the immune system.

So how do we keep our baby away from junk food?

Tips to Keep Your Baby Away from Junk Food

How can you keep your baby from unhealthy food, who wants everything he sees in the commercials, who wants to eat junk food incessantly, and clings to your trotters when he doesn't want to?

Prohibited things are more attractive to your baby. Therefore, do not put sharp bans on junk food to your baby. Instead, offer alternatives to your baby that you might like. First of all, I suggest you not to use such food as a bargaining tool or bribe. To make your baby happy unhealthy foods Do not reward with. Choose other ways to make your baby happy and reward.

Here are tips to keep your baby away from junk food!

  • If you have unhealthy food in one corner of your house, they are doomed to be consumed. As a first step all the unhealthy snacks, Destroy the painted candies, sugared acidic beverages from your home!
  • Your baby will take you as an example in every subject and take you as an example in healthy eating. You should be a role model for your baby. You eat healthy.
  • Make healthy foods fun. Babies can never say no to the fun plates!
  • New with your babyhealthy recipes try. It will make him very happy to have fun with you.
  • She'il like it to carry your baby on her way out. Lunch box received. Put snacks such as fruits, nuts, cucumbers in the lunchbox. You will like it!
  • If you are offered such unhealthy food when you go to hospitality or go out with friends, try to survive that moment with as little damage as possible. Put small amounts in a tiny plate and give it to your baby. In this way, you will have the portion control.
  • Invite your baby to do a favorite activity in difficult situations. Believe it is very important to postpone your baby after a while, you will forget that you want to go into activity junk food.

Malnutrition affects the infant in the process of growth and development more than the adult. your baby natural, feed on traditional foods unique to the region where you live. Avoid uniform feeding. Help him consume from every food group.

Create a diet and the habit of snacks Try to bring your baby in advance.

Do not forget! Nutrition habit is gained in childhood and continues in the same way as it gets used to.

I have gathered both practical, healthy and delicious recipes that you can make with your baby! You can try it now andI @bebekco Share with me on my instagram account!

Oat Floury Pancake

Oat, It is very rich in fiber. Muscles of your baby nourishes and strengthens bones. This nourishing and delicious recipe will love your baby!

Persimmon Fruit Kefir

Kefir Vitamin B12, B1 and K It is rich and a very good source of phosphorus. It is easily digested, probiotic. It is a nourishing milk product for your baby. It regulates the microflora and neutralizes pathogens (bacteria that damage the body)!

Honey Pumpkin Pudding

The taste of pumpkin is different but the benefits are completely different! Zinc, magnesium, vitamins A, B and C Rich in terms of gourd, it also contains high fiber! Stay with health and love 🙂Nutritionist Beyza UyanMy instagram: //

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