Abortion in all aspects

Abortion in all aspects

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Abortion, which is used in cases of unwanted conception, which is the fearful dream of every woman, is one of the situations that women are most curious about and ask questions about. Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Hülya Erdem Biçmen says about an abortion which is an easy decision for a woman: “The ideal thing is to apply a proper protection method. Nevertheless, to consider the possibility of giving birth if an accident occurs; if this is not possible, consult a physician who is a reliable specialist and have an abortion. ”

1 What is abortion?

Abortion is the process of terminating a woman's pregnancy in the womb for any reason.

2-For What Causes Abortion?

A - Unplanned conception

B- Sufficient number of children, certainly not wanting a new child,

C- Pregnancy as a result of making mistakes while using any contraceptive method (forgetting the contraceptive pill, slipping the spiral, tearing the condom, mistakes made while using the calendar method, not taking preventive measures considering that the milk is preserved during breastfeeding).
D- Using drugs that may be harmful to the baby taken without knowing the conception, exposure to x-ray or radiation
E-mother having diseases that may put her life at risk if she gives birth, conditions of disease that are forbidden to conceive,

F- Rape or extramarital pregnancies

G- When the baby cannot develop and die, or if there is a severe genetic disorder

3- What is Abortion?

It is a very easy procedure with little complications if performed properly by an experienced obstetrician who is an expert on abortion.
Today's modern methods can be performed easily without hurting the uterus by vacuuming without scraping the uterus whether it is made with a carmen device which is a large plastic injector or a vacuum device.

4-Is it painful during abortion?

Generally, short-term superficial general anesthesia is applied. The patient wakes up smoothly after the sleep and the procedure is finished, does not remember the abortion, does not feel any pain, comes to itself in 15 minutes and can go home after a short rest.
if the patient has given normal birth previously and does not want to get anesthesia, the cervix can be anesthetized with local anesthesia during this procedure, the patient is self-conscious, can chat with the doctor and the assistant staff.

5-What are the complications of abortion?

The possibility of any complications is extremely low in the abortion performed by the expert and meticulously.

a-infection development is extremely unlikely for abortions using sterile conditions and disposable material

b-part retention: a rare possibility of abortion performed by an experienced specialist, sometimes intra uterine fibroids may not be completely cleared of parts of a particular site due to polyps and may require a second cleaning.
c-uterine perforation: uterine perforation is popularly known as uterine perforation, almost uncommon in legal and gentle abortions
Continuation of pregnancy despite having d-abortion. This possibility is very rare in the case of ultrasound-guided abortions. Delaying abortion until the formation of the gestational sac prevents this danger.

6-Can someone with an abortion get pregnant again?

After an abortion performed by an experienced obstetrician with vacuum, you can become pregnant even if the following month does not occur.

7-Is it true that those who have an abortion in their first pregnancy cannot get pregnant again?

Absolutely wrong. In the past, when plastic materials and vacuum were not used, the uterus was more likely to be scraped off and to develop infection. This is a false belief from that time. Today's modern and sterile methods do not require the removal of the uterus. After the abortion of the first pregnancy can become pregnant.

8- What is the Legal Dimension of Abortion?

In our country it is legal to terminate pregnancies up to 10 weeks by abortion. Women over the age of 18 do not need a permit. Parental leave under 18 years of age is required.

9-Can abortion be used as a birth control method?

Abortion is not a birth control method but it can be done if necessary. For this reason, protection rules should be strictly followed and unwanted pregnancies should be tried.

10-What should be considered after abortion?

15 days of sexual intercourse, sea pool ban, 15 days standing shower, if recommended by your doctor to use antibiotics regularly, after 15 days to go to the doctor who makes your abortion should be paid attention.

11-Should our blood mismatch be vaccinated when they have an abortion?

yes, if you have a blood mismatch, you should have an anti-D vaccine after each abortion. This is an issue that should not be neglected for the health of your subsequent pregnancies.

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