Books on Healthy Eating and Eating Habits

Books on Healthy Eating and Eating Habits

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It is very difficult for children to classify foods as healthy and unhealthy in preschool period.

Children generally prefer the group that we can call junk food; Parents support the preference of foods with high nutritional value.

If this process is not managed correctly, meal times become an inextricable struggle between parent and child.

This week, I talked about books where you can build the basis of a balanced and healthy diet and the right eating habit.

How do dinosaurs eat their food?

Writer: Jane Yolen

Illustrated by: March Teague

Translated by: Contact Nurten directly

Publisher: White Whale Publications

Age: 3+

Beyaz Balina Yayınları is one of my favorite publishing houses with its successful and entertaining books. You can also find a book that is suitable for almost any theme you are looking for.

How do you think a dinosaur eats? Does he smack his mouth on the table, can he not stand in place and fidget, does he play instead of eating the food on his plate, or does he frown at the sight of a dish he doesn't like?

How Dinosaurs Eat Their Food is a delightful story written on Jane Yolen and Mark Teague's opposite corner questions and the dinosaur character that children love, based on table habits and eating habits.


Writer: View Ayşen's Full Profile

Illustrated by: Contact Hülya directly

Publisher: Mandolin Publications

Age: 3+

Our little hero doesn't want to get out of bed when he wakes up one morning because he feels a little tired. He thinks why he got sick.

Could it be because he doesn't consume the nutrients his body needs? He actually likes hamburgers, french fries, and pasta, but I think his body for healthy eating also needs different nutrients.

At this time, vitamins come to visit our little hero lying in his bed. They tell him what to eat for a healthy and proper diet, and how it will help his body when he eats these foods.

Visit to Vitamins written by pedagogue Ayşen Oy while reading with your child on healthy and balanced nutrition one of the books you can talk to.


Written and Illustrated by: Yara Kono

Translated by: View Esin's Full Profile

Publisher: Abm Publishing House

Age: 4+

Dance in the Kitchen is one of my favorite interactive books. In the book, we talk about what we can produce by using many vegetables and fruits, and also mention the functions of the tools we use in the kitchen. In short, it tells you what is being done in the kitchen, which is one of the most enjoyable places where children can experience their daily life skills, by including you in the story.

So you only have to prepare meals with your child. Although it may sometimes seem like looking at an infinite horizon, the land may not always be far away.

In this process, a meal you will make together, a task you give in the kitchen may give you a little bit of a prejudice against a meal you do not want to eat. Speaking of food, we dived into it and forgot it. We have guests in the evening!


Writer: Specialist Dietitian Oya Neva Demirkol

Illustrated by: View Samed's Full Profile

Publisher: Hat and Elephant Publishing House

Age: 4+

When I was a kindergarten teacher, one of the most difficult times with children was the meal time. Especially when eating time approaches drama or Relieve children and reduce anxiety with various games I would certainly do a preliminary preparation on behalf of.

When I first read the book, it immediately came to my mind in that period. Why should we eat, where do we go, what foods are beneficial for us, how do we digest? and many other questions that children can understand. At the end of the book there is an activity you can do with stickers.


Writer: Alberto Pellai - Barbara Tamborini

Illustrated by: Elisa Paganelli

Translated by: Contact Feza directly

Publisher: Turquoise Book

Age: 3+

Written by developmental psychologist Aberto Pellai and child psychologist-pedagogue Barbara Tamborini. Besides the subject he mentioned, the drawings of the book are quite remarkable.

At the end of the book, what parents can do in this process, what activities it provides support for this process and gives information about what should not be done in this process.


Writer: View İlkay's Full Profile

Illustrated by: View Rıza's Full Profile

Publisher: Dream Trail Publications

Age: 3+

Do you know a tiny person who wants to eat the same food in the morning, lunch and dinner, who is faced with a meal that he doesn't want and who thinks that the healthiest food is his choice?

Yes, the little hero of this book actually reminds us of someone. As the name of the book suggests, our hero loves meatball rice.

She loves it so much she wants to eat them all the time. His family does not insist on doing exactly what he wants; morning, lunch, dinner dumplings eat rice! At first he thinks everything is going great, our little hero. Until I saw that the birthday cake was made from dumplings and rice!


Writer: Liz Gogerly

Illustrated by: Mike Gordon

Translated by: Contact Melek directly

Publisher: Al Pony Publications

Age: 3+

James loves staying at Ethan's house because Ethan's family allows them to consume junk food such as burgers and chips and eat their food in front of the television.

James seems quite pleased with this, but he soon becomes ill for consuming so much junk food. His father said he was sick because he didn't eat healthy. benefits of healthy eating and which foods can consume directs James.

At the end of the book, there are recommendations for parents about how to support children in healthy eating.


Writer: Felicity Brooks

Illustrated by: Desideria Guicciardini

Publisher: Mikado Publications

Age: 2+

Max loves to play games, take care of his books and spend time with Millie. But when her mother "Dinner time, Max!" things change.

Because Max doesn't want to quit his game and doesn't like the food his mother puts on his plate.

One day, she and her friend Millie make pizza out of play dough, and things change as her mother proposes to make a real pizza. You can turn meal times into a pleasant moment by allowing children who are picky to eat, or by including them in their own cooking.

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